Dead Island: Riptide on Vita: "Who knows what the future might bring!"

Looking at the official Twitter page for Dead Island, there has been a reply to someone's tweet asking if there would be a Vita version of Dead Island: Riptide. It reads: "no plans for Dead Island Riptide on Vita right now, but who knows what the future might bring!"

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Jio1926d ago

I would love this, the game fits the Vita very well.

Welshy1926d ago

I'm potentially risking "then why comment?" responses here but a guys entitled to his opinion =P

I find it hard to even remotely excite myself for Riptide full stop. When i played DI on PS3 at launch, the graphics clashed and clipped on all the characters, the animations were poor, network was super laggy, trophies only worked now and then, it would just NOT save and i'd lose 3-4 hours of play, missions were linnear and poorly paced, there were sudden huge difficulty spikes even on alleged "normal" missions etc etc.

I was so excited by it and was so massively let down i just can't bring myself to even remotely trust the sequel =/

Jio1926d ago

Exactly, it's a small game. It's not amazing, but it's not something huge and cinematic that HAS to be played on the big screen. Perfect for playing on the go and killing a couple zombies while waiting for the bus.

SandWitch1926d ago

Let the speculation begin

tack1291926d ago

So it's a possibility I see ... we shall see.

pedrami911926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

There is a grey PS Vita button on their website so who knows:

Imo, i don' think the Vita could handle this unless it's watered down a lot.

Maybe port their engine and work on a spin-off like Ubisoft and Guerilla Games.

Welshy1926d ago

If you played DI on PS3 and seen how terrible it looked and ran while trying to stretch to current console standard graphics, you'd realize that it would fit much better on Vita since the current standard of graphics isn't THAT great yet outwith the big hitters like FIFA, Uncharted and Gravity Rush.

tachy0n1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

"Imo, i don' think the Vita could handle this unless it's watered down a lot. "

are you bloody kidding me?

have you seen wipeout HD? it looks better on the Vita than on the PS3

NFS most wanted PSVita will be exactly like the PS3 and X360 version.

living under a rock right?

GUNS N SWORDS1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


.....i know,lol.

that's nice to hear.

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