GameTap: Tiberium Preview

GameTap's Thierry Nguyen previews Tiberium as he writes: Though the C&C games are typically strategy titles, Tiberium is a C&C first-person shooter (sort of like Renegade) that actually elicits comparisons to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter upon first sight. Don't assume that means you'll just get a future-warfare themed FPS game with random soundbites lifted from the RTS games--Tiberium provides a ground-level, first-person-shooter view of the C&C universe. EA is imparting the C&C feel by having you play a "forward battle commander." That means that while you're on the ground, you're actually in charge of a bunch of on-screen guys, not just yourself.

As Ricardo Vega, you're in charge of a Global Defense Initiative (or GDI) Rapid Assault and Intercept Deployment (or RAID) unit, which is fancy talk for "you can call down multiple squads of units to help you out in missions like securing facilities or fighting aliens." Vega's ability to replenish lost troops via requisitioned reinforcements is a specific C&C feature. As producer Chris Plummer points out, "This isn't a game where if your squad goes down, it's game over. Just like in C&C, you throw a bunch of guys at the enemy, and if you lose some, just make more."

That's all that's been really shown for Tiberium right now, which is slated for a fall release. Campaign-wise, we know that the story takes place after C&C3 (Vega has to about figure out what the deal is with the final alien Scrin tower that was left standing at the end of C&C3), but details on both the campaign and multiplayer will have to wait. We haven't even seen any enemies on screen besides chittery Scrin ones. All we've heard about multiplayer is that "every player has his own squads." We'll see if this fall has room for a C&C FPS that features squad control and a transforming gun.

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Joey Gladstone3760d ago

.....Although I'm not sold on it, it has peaked my interest........the online should be incredible, but still novice compared to Resistance 2's online lol....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Delt43760d ago

i want to see more game play on this game.