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GS Expo '12: Fable: The Journey Hands-On Impressions

8bitfix writes: Ah, Fable. How you have changed the way I have played games and, in a way, made me a bit spoiled when it comes to being able to make my own choices to effect the outcome of the game I play. It's easy to see why I got so excited when I was able to get an interview with Product Manager, Patrick Perkins. (Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360)

KMCROC54  +   846d ago
Looking forward to tons of family fun & some solo fun
edonus  +   845d ago
I cant wait for this game. It will probably get ripped to shreds by the gaming media but we know they are all pretty much full of s#!t anyway.

This is actually the biggest established game franchises kinect has been used for.

I like how different of a game it seems to be. Cant wait.
Shadonic  +   845d ago
i hope it does well maybe the reviewers will actually try now.

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