GameZone Reviews Arctic Stud Poker Run

GameZone writes:

"There is fun in this title, but it isn't anything you can stand to sit down and play for a couple of hours. You just get too frustrated with the A.I.'s ability to get better hands and the long tournaments that take too much time to complete. This is the kind of game you want to jump in and play for 15 minutes and accomplish something, but you simply cannot."

Gameplay: 6.0
It has a lot going on at the same time and requires you to be fast on your fingers. Combat while playing poker requires part action and part strategy; that's why I play as a green gremlin.

Graphics: 5.7
They have a definite "old" look to them. The game skips along at a hearty pace but could use some modern technological lovin' to straighten out the graphics.

Sound: 5.0
Pretty disappointing, pretty timid. The voice-over work as the race starts gets old.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
This game gets tough, the A.I. can be a real stinker as the later tourney's get incredibly hard to beat. Remember, you can bump at the end of a round and try and double up even more money, but run out of it and you are finished.

Concept: 7.0
To me, this is a fantastic idea. The game needs some additional production value put into it, but the idea is solid.

Multiplayer: 6.0
Yeah, it can be fun, but lack of competition and a stronger single-player A.I. pulled me away from playing online, not a good sign.


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