GameTap: Meeting Mizuguchi - The creator of Rez comes to talk about Rez HD and the future of gaming.

Jared Rea of GameTap writes, It's not everyday that someone like Tetsuya Mizuguchi hops on a plane and comes to America to shoot the breeze with jerks like us, so I made sure to make the best of this opportunity to try and get to know the man behind some of my favorite games. We talked about everything from what's next for Q Entertainment to his work on the obscure arcade racer, Manx TT. The Gooch did seem fairly reluctant to talk about anything concerning his original music title, Space Channel 5, and seemed almost irritated when I brought up what Sega was doing these days with the all-swinging, all-dancing star, Ulala. Sega has the reporter and all related assets locked up tight, which means that should the rumors of a Space Channel 5 sequel turn out to be true, Mizuguchi and company would have nothing to do with it.

Mizuguchi had a few other things to say on a variety of other topics:

On using XBL as the main platform for Q Entertainment:
"I want to make a new game on Xbox Live Arcade. The atmosphere of Xbox Live Arcade is with classic, old games. You can play a trial and you can buy it immediately and there are no costs in transporting and making a package. It's a really good system."

On the PSP:
"The PSP is a really good console for music-based games like Lumines. So we had a big inspiration from the PSP being an attractive audio/visual Walkman."

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