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PS3 Releases for September 2012 - The Madness Begins

This is a comprehensive list of game releases for PlayStation 3 in September 2012, the beginning of the holiday madness. (Borderlands 2, FIFA 13, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, PS3)

Kenjifirera  +   965d ago
One Piece! Yesssssssssss!!!
WildArmed  +   965d ago
Indeed! Between One Piece and Borderlands 2, I'm going to have a hard time dividing up what lil' free time I have.
gaffyh  +   965d ago
Tekken Tag 2 for me, and Borderlands 2, and if i have time and money F1 2012!
dkgshiz  +   965d ago
Going to probably pass on Borderlands 2. The 1st one kind of got dull for me after a few hours.
gaffyh  +   965d ago
It takes a while to get going, I did the same. I gave up on it a while back after playing a few hours, but came back to it recently, but once you start to get more freedom, it gets much much better.
jocomat9  +   965d ago
question.. can two people play as the same class together online? IF not can you in number 2?
gaffyh  +   965d ago
I've never tried the online mode for Borderlands, but I think it is possible
jagstatboy  +   964d ago
yes, multiple people can play as the same class online.
BitbyDeath  +   965d ago
Just Sports Champions 2 for me

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