PS3 Releases for September 2012 - The Madness Begins

This is a comprehensive list of game releases for PlayStation 3 in September 2012, the beginning of the holiday madness.

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Kenjifirera1875d ago

One Piece! Yesssssssssss!!!

WildArmed1875d ago

Indeed! Between One Piece and Borderlands 2, I'm going to have a hard time dividing up what lil' free time I have.

gaffyh1875d ago

Tekken Tag 2 for me, and Borderlands 2, and if i have time and money F1 2012!

dkgshiz1875d ago

Going to probably pass on Borderlands 2. The 1st one kind of got dull for me after a few hours.

gaffyh1875d ago

It takes a while to get going, I did the same. I gave up on it a while back after playing a few hours, but came back to it recently, but once you start to get more freedom, it gets much much better.

jocomat91875d ago

question.. can two people play as the same class together online? IF not can you in number 2?

gaffyh1875d ago

I've never tried the online mode for Borderlands, but I think it is possible

jagstatboy1874d ago

yes, multiple people can play as the same class online.

BitbyDeath1875d ago

Just Sports Champions 2 for me