Q&A: SCE Australia's Managing Director Michael Ephraim

With PlayStation 3 finally getting some momentum in Australia and worldwide, Screen Play visited Sony Computer Entertainment offices in Sydney last week to have a chat to the boss and play some upcoming games.

Never short of a controversial word or three, Michael Ephraim in the interview covers topics like the outlook for 2008, the disc format war, the possibility of another PS3 hardware revision, dealing with the TV networks over PlayTV, the second-game gaming market and the frustrating delays to content appearing on the PlayStation Network.

Screen Play also asked Mr Ephraim to tackle difficult subjects like the price disparity between Australia and the US, which is promoting more and more locals to turn to importers.

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Peekay3846d ago

Wasn't it Warner? Why have they said Universal?

So now we know that the pricing of games is decided by SCE. It sorta explains the whole Devil May Cry 4 pricing disparity between the States and Pal territories. I personally try to import any non multiplayer games, so their loss.

It's also assuring to know that their working on the PSN store differences.