The Black Mesa Source countdown begins…

If you visit you will arrive at a screen that depicts a timer, the timer that dictates the offical release of the Black Mesa mod. This mod has been in development for over 8 years and has garnered an insane amount of attention, and now the rumours have become a reality as the game is set to release for free in the next 12 days, 3 hours and 37 minutes, as of when this article was written.

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kamruk1484d ago

In an interview with Polygon it was said that the game is coming in chunks, so it won't be the full mod.

localfinn1484d ago

I stated that in the article, it is supposedly complete though without the 'Xen' chapter. Thanks for commenting.

kamruk1484d ago

My bad, Thanks for the info and the article ;)

ATi_Elite1483d ago

I can NOT even believe that I will be able to play Black Mesa Source in 10 days!

There must be some Alien invasion or Huge Asteroid about to hit the Earth soon.

Good thing the game is in chunks cause I'm still winning my Bet!

kamruk1483d ago

And the game ends with a stinger for Half Life 3 O.O

localfinn1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

No problem bud, that's what I'm here for and I enjoy it :)

OneAboveAll1484d ago

It's time to wake up... and smell the ashes. (again) lol