GameZone Reviews RHEM 3

GameZone writes:

"RHEM 3 is an old-school adventure game that should appeal to fans of games like Myst. While the puzzles aren't as deep or engaging as they could be, it's still worth a look for die-hard adventure fans."

Gameplay: 7.0
RHEM 3 is a very old-school adventure game, offering the same style of point-and-click exploring and puzzle-solving as you'd find in many other games in the genre. The puzzles leave a bit to be desired unfortunately, as many of them fall into the trial-and-error category.

Graphics: 6.0
Not much to look at here, aside from some static image shots as you explore the environment.

Sound: 6.5
Light music and ambient sounds, and some pretty uninspired voice acting.

Difficulty: Medium

Concept: 6.0
Not much new here that you wouldn't find in another adventure game.


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