Yakuza 3 - New videos

Sega published a batch of new Yakuza 3 videos. Enjoy.

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Joey Gladstone3851d ago

ok ive never played any Yakuza game........but what the hell is that first Video about??? I mean hes under a waterfall concentrating about women in thongs, and you have to push buttons???? ANYONE WITH SOME INFO lol....
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

heyheyhey3851d ago

yeah that mini-game is kinda random although the game is looking great as a whole

INehalemEXI3851d ago

Its Japanese Gangsta Sh!t. Yakuza=Gangster, or japanese mafia so its a fiting mini game.

Korosuke3851d ago

He is training to get to the mind stage of 無(mu), I don't know exact word in English...probably zero?
But a image of woman pops in his mind as lust to disturb his training.
If you beat it, you can get a skill.

Baba19063851d ago

is this game just mini games. or whats the main game about?

resistance1003851d ago

Think a combination of Japanise GTA and shemmual (sp)

well thats what the first 2 were like, this is very popular in japan

Korosuke3851d ago

This game is similar to RPG. Mini games are small part of the game.
All mini games are training to get skills or to get some fun or to get money.

timmyp533851d ago

single player then that is awesome.

Hulk04083851d ago

Is this game game like Shenmue, if it is this game will the sh!t