Soul Calibur 4 Taki vs Mitsurugi Gameplay

GameTrailers: Soul Calibur 4 gameplay

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Funky Town_TX3639d ago

Other than next gen GFX what are we getting?

INehalemEXI3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Vader and/or Yoda, Few new characters.

REPLOID243639d ago

boingy, boingy, boingy:)

Keowrath3639d ago

Character creation mode with enhanced features on SC III. Online fighting (I presume) their usual story/campaign mode and if 3 is anything to go by enough unlockables to last you till SC V.

ASSASSYN 36o3639d ago

For the 360 the online play is worth it.

r3xmund13638d ago

Dude SoulCaliber has/is/always will be the best fighter out there, its fast, fun and great to look at. So the next Gen version is always gonna rock.

I mean you could use your argument on most sequels etc... apart from next gen graphics what did Halo 3 bring to the table... other than forge??

So really, don't be a party pooper.


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green3639d ago

apart from next gen graphics.Its no diffefent from what we were offered on the PS2 and XBOX.

Will save my money for something else

mullet3639d ago

What's with the exaggerated bloom effect?

Anyway looking good.

mighty_douche3639d ago

Im more worried about the exaggerated "boob" effect...

OOG FunK3639d ago

other then the next gen graphics you will get a great fighting getting fed up with people and graphic whoring......soul calibur has been a quality fighting game and now will prob offer online play...what else can you ask for...if it aint broke dont fix it...upgrade it

timmyp533639d ago

but the GFX improved though. They are using somebland combos don't you think? I know how to really use Taki.. her combos are lethal.

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The story is too old to be commented.