RUMOR: GameStop to Air September Wii U Conference?

According to a Nintendo YouTuber, GameStop may actually be airing the September Wii U conference in their stores all across the U.S.

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XXXL2120d ago

If Nintendo blows this conference I'm out when it comes to the Wii U

DivineAssault 2120d ago

yep.. This is their last chance to show me why i need another system.. 1st time, i forgave them.. 2nd time @ E3 left a bad taste in my mouth but theres still a very small ounce of hope in my heart that they have something good here.. I dont care if major 1st party titles arent ready yet cuz i have faith in them.. What i want to see is the network,(cross game chat, IM, party invites, etc)& 3rd party support with new games

GribbleGrunger2120d ago

Did you name yourself Burning_finger and then go in search of that Avatar, or did you just pick an Avatar at random and name yourself after it?

Mocat2120d ago

A question that needs answering stat

stuntman_mike2120d ago

does anyone think the release date will be given. i hope so.

eagle212120d ago

Yes, it will plus price. And hopefully what games (retail and virtual console) will be available to download or purchase day 1.

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