Halo 4 Trailer: A Hero Awakens

Gamespot: "See all the work that goes into capturing the actor performances for Halo 4's dramatic story."

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ghaleon19802086d ago

And the 7 disagree votes for Dark360 are because....?

Mikefizzled2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Fanboys and haters. 2 things there will always be here.

MerkinMax2087d ago

Looks absolutely incredible. I can not wait to play through the Campaign of this one.

Carl_Shocker2087d ago

I can't wait untill nearer launch...not just because of the games release but so we can finally get a good launch trailer instead of all these making of and live action videos.

Am I the only one that wants to see a good 2/3 minute story trailer. Hell even at E3 all we got was that live action stuff then a quick 30 second look at the story with Cortana going berserk. I mean I know we had a gameplay demo but I really want to see a nice put together story trailer...especaily one for the people who havent read the novels and that, I mean not everyone is up to date on all the forerunner/promethean mytho

lastdual2087d ago

I get what you're saying, but as far as "making of" videos go, this one was honestly pretty good.

lastofgen2087d ago

I feel the same, but this vidoc was still pretty darn awesome.

Summons752087d ago

Honestly I don't want anything story trailer, even this feels (to me) like huge spoilers even though they show hardly anything. They live action trailers do a great job at setting the mood and theme of the game.

aviator1892087d ago

Cortana's line at the very end always gets to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.