'Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes' revealed by Hideo Kojima at PAX in first footage

Game designer Hideo Kojima attended his first PAX ever today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear series with fans. In addition to touching on the history of Solid Snake's stealth adventures Kojima debuted footage of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next entry in the franchise.

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colonel1791930d ago

I just can't believe those graphics. If this is still PS3/360 looking game, what is in store for next generation?! It's just going to be amazing!

I don't know why SE is holding up Versus, by the time they want to release it, it won't be the best looking game (announced)...

blind-reaper1929d ago

^^^^^^ n4g censored my comment because of "bad language" give me a break... lol ^^^^^^

blind-reaper1926d ago

Looks f^^^^g AMAZING, I just hope they don't go light in cutscenes and storyline, by dumbing it down for the "new" audiences.

In KOJIMA I trust

Dark3601930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

There's a Xbox 360 logo at the end of the trailer, so yes.

Edit 1: Disagrees!!!!! LOL

Edit 2: Trailer With English Subs.

WOW Look at the disagrees!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

dirthurts1930d ago

Yes there is an xbox 360 logo.
Mutliplatform games are great. More people get to play them.
BUT! Fanboys will flip out because it's not exclusive, hence the disagrees.
If you watch the interview, the demo is even running on a pc. So...maybe even a pc release.
I hope so, as I would like everyone to get to play the game. It's more sales for the developers, and that's better for the gamers.

Hellsvacancy1930d ago

So then what is the point in there being 2 to 3 different consoles on the market? they may aswel just make 1 console if games are going multiplat

dirthurts1929d ago

The point? Consumer choice.
If there is one console, then there is no reason for them to get any better, and no reason for the companies to not milk us for every dime. You think it's bad now? You would hate the one console market. Competition is good. Go study some economics or something?

BrutallyBlunt1929d ago

"So then what is the point in there being 2 to 3 different consoles on the market?"

What's the point of having more than one HDTV on the market? Why have different DVD players? The reasons are many, different quality, different features, different controls and so on. We don't need just one company to supply the platform, otherwise we'd all be paying $600 for a game console.

Irishguy951930d ago

What do you expect on N4G?

AO1JMM1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Here is proof for those that did not watch the video past the credits. Link:

MaxXAttaxX1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

but because of your arrogant approach and d-bag attitude. Your username doesn't help hide your bias either.

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Lord_Sloth1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

He's much older in this. Wonder if that means we'll have Snake as well instead of just Big Boss. Maybe an earlier mission for Snake?


snake-OO1929d ago

I think psycho mantis is in the game as well. That guy with the fucked up face resembles phsyco mantis. And if you remember in mgs1 mantis says to snake i new big boss.

seanpitt231930d ago

Welcome to the next gen people

Deadpool6161930d ago

Technically it's still this gen.

seanpitt231930d ago

This is run on pc so don't expect it to look like that on ps360 but what we saw their is next gen so expect this to what ps4 and xbox720 games to look like

MaxXAttaxX1929d ago

Well, Kojima did say it won't look much different running on PS3.

seanpitt231929d ago

I believe that when I see it!! Look what dice said the console version isnt that far behind the pc version in bf3 and we all know it was a generation behind they need to sell there game so they are going to say all platforms will look roughly the same..... please

MaxXAttaxX1929d ago

DICE said "not far behind". Meaning still behind.

Kojima said the game was running on a PC with "specs comparable to the PS3".
Not saying it'll be exactly the same, but it won't be like BF3 which relies on huge multiplayer maps and whatnot.

hkgamer1930d ago

Graphics look pretty decent.
Surprised the Japanese developers have created such a fantastic engine, it does need to be careful not to make everything look plastic though. Happened with alot of the first gen 360/PS3 games.
Still love the character models though, they make MGS4 character models look like PS2 games

AdmiralSnake1930d ago

Just wow at your comment.... just wow.

one2thr1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

@ Hkgamer
Just wanted to be heard, right?...
Had a massive headache after finishing that post, yes?...
Did you think about what you were typing, no?...
How long were you a MGS fan, a couple of minutes or so?...

hkgamer1929d ago

might aswell use up my last comment here.

I mentioned these pics/trailer makes MGS4 models like PS2 ones.
Not saying it actually looks like PS2 models, but just seems last gen compared to what we seeing right now.
This trailer actually makes most games look last gen to be honest.

chukamachine1929d ago

Just wow at the disagree's.

Most japanese games look poor in relation to other dev's. You've heard many times even japanese devs stating they have fallen behind.

As for this is what it looks like on PS3/PC.

Those rocks look tessellated, oops not on PS3/360 they aint.

Yes the game looks good and so does the engine, but as hkgamer stated, you can make everything look to shiny,plastic.

Admiralsnake, your name says it all.

Fan are we.

Sheep these days.

MaxXAttaxX1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

1. What does Kojima Productions have to do with other Japanese devs that may have fallen behind?

2. Shiny plastic? This isn't the Unreal engine. It's raining and it looks wet. Better than almost any other game I've seen to date.

3. Kojima said it was running on a PC with specs comparable to the PS3.

hkgamer1929d ago

Sorry, must have had alot of misunderstanding with my comment. I said the graphics were pretty decent(amazing).
I mentioned about the graphics when it shows something wet, sometimes it can look a little plastic like other first gen PS3/360 games. I was a little worried that some things may look a little weird.
I know it is raining with a lot of mud so that's how it is meant to look, just saying they need to be careful.
Character model in MGS4 were great, but they do look lifeless compared to this trailer. I said they look like PS2 models because this game is making 90% of all games look last gen right now.

How long have I been a MGS fan?
not a crazy one that knows everything, I have played through the 1st and 4th games countless amounts of time.
2nd and 3rd game probably 3-4 times max.

Actually MGS4 was the only time I spent so much time on a game, think I got all the emblems apart from the chicken one.

/mindless typing just so that people wont misunderstand what i say

That trailer was amazing, loved how the cloak moves along with the wind. Rain just gives the trailer a MGS2 tanker feel.

Clarence1929d ago

WTH "Surprised the Japanese developers have created such a fantastic engine"

What was the failure rate of the 360
What about Bethesda. They wish they could get this type of graphics out of consoles
I guess you forgot about windows vista

@ chukamachine

Most japanese games look poor in relation to other dev's. You've heard many times even japanese devs stating they have fallen behind.

GT5 still looks amazing.
The New DMC looks great
What about Dead Space
Ni no Kuni looks amazing

talking out the side of your head

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