Kojima: Fox Engine could support Silent Hill, other Konami games

During a Metal Gear 25th Anniversary panel at PAX 2012, designer Hideo Kojima talked about the development of the Fox Engine, which powers Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Kojima spoke briefly about the engine's potential and versatility.

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jc485732058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

by all means please do. I want a ground breaking Silent Hill game that doesn't look dated and it's free of technical issues. Hire some other capable developer.

d0nni32058d ago

and actually hand it to a dev that understands what Silent Hill was all about not the tripe they've spewed onto in recent iterations!

come_at_me_bro2058d ago

It's a shame they stopped making Silent Hill games after 3...

Greyslash2058d ago

Fuck you man, 4 was my personal favorite. Also Downpour wasn't bad, but Origins and Homecoming were fucking awful.

NovusTerminus2058d ago

I think it would be awesome if the Japanese took Silent Hill back, and returned it to it's former glory!

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2058d ago

Yea it whould be since the survivle horror genra is going extinct

Dark_Overlord2057d ago

Yep, its a shame :(

The only games in recent times I've played that could be classed as true survival horrors (on consoles) are the Saw games. We need classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill back :)

Biohazard88602058d ago

Awesome if they used the engine for silent hill.

-Gespenst-2058d ago

Judging from the GZ video they could definitely make a pretty awesome horror game with that lighting and weather.

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The story is too old to be commented.