Kojima would 'really like' to make a Metal Gear Rising sequel with Platinum

Speaking during the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary panel at this year's PAX in Seattle, Konami kingpin and Metal Gear mogul Hideo Kojima gave a bit of insight into the future of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as a series, as well as his continuing relationship with Platinum Games.

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jc485732056d ago

man, wonder if they're going to share Fox Engine with PG.

Shadonic2056d ago

of course if its a joint project i mean there working together its not like they cant buy the software anyway >.>

MaxXAttaxX2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

If Kojima is involved, then I'll be interested in it.

But so far, this:
completely overshadows it :P

DaThreats2056d ago

Only be interested if they use the FOX engine

brich2332055d ago

Graphics isnt everything. just because it would look nice on fox wont make it a fun game. Gameplay is more important. And platnium is making a Rising at 60fps.

Thomas Edison said that 46 frames per second was the minimum: "anything less will strain the eye.

HammadTheBeast2055d ago

Most games are 30 fps. My eyes aren't strained unless I play for more than 3 hours. Which is not very often.

NovusTerminus2056d ago

MGR + FOX Engine would be absolutely amazing!

Can't wait for the game though, and if it is good, I will gladly take a sequel!

EdoubleD2056d ago

MGR and MGS:Ground Zeroes. I love you Kojima :DD

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The story is too old to be commented.