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NYC_Gamer2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Everybody should be happy since the game will be available on couple of platforms

Northtouch2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

This is gonna be so damn good. In my eyes, this title has made almost all future game releases obsolete to me.

I feel that same excitement i had for MGS4.

Hideo has done it again.

starchild2093d ago

- Kojima said explicitly that Ground Zeroes isn’t a next-gen game"

I find this very hard to believe. Those graphics are insane. I can't believe people aren't talking more about it. The visual realism and fidelity in that video vastly exceeds anything we have ever seen in any other game.

garos822093d ago

throughout the video i was thinking to myself no way in hell the ps3 hardware would display visuals like that.
i guess its got to do with fox engine utilizing the cloud i suppose though.

im super excited and super pissed off at the same time as i have to wait what will seem like ages now to get my hands on this. "Kojima hopes this game will achieve a feel more like MGS1"


ginsunuva2092d ago

You also have to remember the demo is at night (cover up detail with darkness) and has a ton of rain/fog which blur the view distance (although it also takes resources to run the rain and fog itself)


You know by this video this game was not develop on the weakass 360!!!!!!!!!!!

NickTheHitman2093d ago

A prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5. Sweeettt

auen12093d ago

does this mean there will be a mgs 5?

sweet! ^_^

2pacalypsenow2093d ago

The only Console Mentioned for now is Ps3

FlyWestbrook2093d ago

Ok. I would probs play on PC if I could.

2pacalypsenow2093d ago

I could never play it on PC The PlayStation is the only console i would play a MGS game on (Thats just me)

lategamer2092d ago

It's multiplatform. The whole point of the Fox Engine was to create a multiplatform engine. Even the community manager of the PS Blog stated the game will on other systems as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.