Games That Secretly Suck: Demon’s Souls

"Demon’s Souls is best played wearing a leather mask, some sort of chaps, and a safe word. Still, despite everything that has been said about the difficulty, it isn’t even the game’s main problem. It just feels so empty and mindless, and despite a fairly well-executed battle system and some noteworthy boss fights, the game just isn’t very fun. While “soul” is right there in the title, it just doesn’t feel like this game has one of its own.", writes Nikola Suprak.

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Philoctetes2147d ago

"This all seems to be a result of a dedicated effort to make the game difficult, and while I do appreciate a challenge, there is a marked difference between something being challenging because it requires sufficient skill and tests your abilities, and something being challenging because the restraints that you are forced to operate under are draconian and downright stupid."

Demon's Souls is actually one of the very first games that springs to mind for me when I think of Games That Reward Skill. Sorry you suck at it.

Dark_Overlord2147d ago

My thoughts exactly, seems like the guy is just bitching due to repeated deaths

humbleopinion2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Exactly! It's all about skill.

Wait, holding from going to the toliet because the game has not "pause" button counts as a skill, right? ;)

smashman982147d ago

The game has a log out option to bring you to the menu no excuse

JoySticksFTW2146d ago

Honestly, DS just takes patience and cautiousness.

Traversing an area you don't know? Keep your shield up.

Out-numbered? Use funnel techniques like tight alleys or tunnels.

See a big, red dragon racing to dive bomb you? Turn around and run! And don't linger next to the pile of dead, burnt bodies.

Seriously, observation and common sense go a long way in this game.

Deaths only pile up when you become impatient, distracted, or over-confident.

When I first played, I couldn't pass Flamelurker, because I psyched myself out and got more frustrated and reckless with each death.

I put the game down for the night, and the next morning calmly passed it on the first try easily.

But some gamers just wild-out and rage quit without beating the first level.

Those gamers would have cried at some of those NES, SNES era games.

"Yeah! I just beat the final boss and the game on my last guy! And no continues left! Whew... Hey, wait a minute... Where's the congratulations scene? What's that say? Start over and fight my way through the entire game again to face the true boss?! Fuuu-!!!!"

nix2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

i still don't know how i finished Demon's Souls. Wikipedia was my best friend at that time. lol.

recently i started Dark Souls and i can't even get past the first big boss on top of the tower. /:

Kin23g2147d ago

I bet the author decided to write this after his 20-something gameover, at the exact same location. lmfao

jerethdagryphon2147d ago

yea demons souls was a great game forced you to think of tatics

TheKindRoost2147d ago

0/10 trolling. Obviously written to garner hits. To the author, try to be a bit more subtle next time.

NikolaSuprak2147d ago

Demon's Souls was mindless and boring, and after you got the Tower Shield it was borderline easy once you knew the layout. For an actual fun challenging game, I'd recommend The Binding of Issac.

Man-E-Faces2147d ago

Demon's Souls is everything that a game should be at release beautiful art designs,memorable characters,memorable bosses, an unrivaled atmosphere that I have yet to experience in any other game this gen, the near flawless combat that embarrasses the media casual hype skyrim. Honestly I don't know how Todd Howard can be proud of himself knowing how atrocious the combat in skyrim is. let us also not forget the perfect soundtrack of Demon's Souls that captivates my ears still to this day. Demon's Souls blessed us with the "WHOLE PACKAGE" now how many games in the history of video games have accomplished this? not many especially not this gen. My passion for gaming was reinvigorated because of this 1 game and with the steady diarrhea that continues to flood the market this gen you pick Demon's Souls to rant about? You should feel ashamed of yourself for writing this nonsense.

InTheLab2147d ago

Tower Shield? You really are trolling, aren't you?

Once you know the layout of any game, it becomes less challenging...

murcielago42147d ago

Demons Souls doesn't suck you are the one that sucks at it. DS is a great game and I enjoyed everything about it.

colonel1792147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Even though Demon's Souls is a great game it does have flaws. I like the idea about adding some randomization on the levels. The first time you enter a dungeon it's fun and scary because you have to be aware of every corner and walk slowly to avoid traps and surprises; but by the 5th time you die it becomes more like a chore because it's the same thing every time. Maybe it was like that in older games. I remember I passed a lot of NES and SNES games like that where you just memorize that an enemy or a pit will be there and just jump. In today's games, I think there should be better design and the technology permits it. It would be more fun if when you died in DS, the enemies respawned in a different place. It would make the world more intriguing and fun (and hard).

The lack of pause though is really annoying. The difficulty of the game doesn't have anything to do with the ability to pause it, and is not like you are playing an arcade that you have to finish the game or start over. I am one person that likes to rest a bit from every game. After one or two hours of playing I always pause the game and do something else, if only to rest my eyes. They really should have added a pause button.

Opiumunkey2147d ago

Just quit the game to the titlescreen if you wanna pause and reload to go on. Its quick and you start at the exact same point you left.

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