Amazon price matches GameStop’s Labor Day video game sale

Online retailer,, has price-matched a majority of GameStop’s Labor Day video game sale, which includes big discounts for Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition, Mass Effect 3 and more.

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dasbeer881965d ago

I support Amazon, so I'll be buying these discounted games from them. :D

LiViNgLeGaCY1965d ago

Yep, I support Amazon as well. I'll be doing the same.

ado9081965d ago

Lol all of these can be bought first day in gamestop for the exact same price. I just bought mortal kombat komplete edition for 20 bucks and have the game right now

DivineAssault 1965d ago

i support best buy.. They match amazons prices & i get my goods right away

InTheLab1964d ago

Amazon supporters will miss Best Buy/GS when they're gone and their s*** starts to disappear in the mail...

Mail order has never been a good idea and that won't change.

JKelloggs1960d ago

Mail order has never been a good idea you say? Then why has it been so so so so so popular for a little over 200 years, nice one...

Skate-AK1964d ago

I just got Mass Effect 3 from GameStops sale.