Spec Ops: The Line Developer Blames 2K for Bad Reception

Spec Ops: the line dev. Cory Davis doesn't have kind words about his game's multiplayer, calling it "Raped" and "Cancerous."

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dazzrazz2092d ago

I like how they always talk shiznit after the game is released and doesn't sell well, but not like month before... "Hey you know we also gonna be including multiplayer but its total shit"

HammadTheBeast2091d ago

That's because 2K has paid them now, they don't give a sh*t anymore. Now they can explain why stuff was so bad.

MeatAbstract2092d ago

From what I read the game was nicely received. Maybe not hollow words thrown around like "Stunning" and "Awesome" and slapped with a few 9's. I heard people say the game had depth emotionally and that can make up for a lot.

I've heard it's quite good and I am going to pick up in the future.

Ashriel2092d ago

please do, the campaign alone is well worth it :)

Kingdom Come2091d ago

Good Campaign, terrible Multiplayer.

flakko2091d ago

This game was one of the best shooters ive played in a looong time. Stoy was amazing

PixL2091d ago

I'm planning to play it through but I wouldn't even think about touching multiplayer. Most games don't need MP while it's being shoved into them.

Kran2091d ago

Bad reception?

I thought it got alright reception, unless they're talking about sales.

DrTwinkletoes2091d ago

Bad reception= Sales & Criticism towards the poor multiplayer.