Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Blowout – Part 3

Craig Bryan from takes on Black Ops II. He crams as much information as possible into it so that you’re bang up to date on all that has been happening in quite a hectic week where a lot of jumbled information has been floating around. Enjoy the last piece of his multiplayer blowout mammoth preview.

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omarzy2061d ago

This game might revive CoD.

ThatHappyGamer2061d ago

It might revive COD if they had fixed the net code.

BO had horrible net code.

Jonmau52061d ago

another great article from a great site!

ThatHappyGamer2061d ago

not sure if serious or sarcastic.

kcuthbertson2061d ago

I want to hate COD...mostly because of Activision milking the shit out of it.

But for some reason I love Black Ops, and BLOPS 2 is looking to actually improve some things.

If they actually innovate some things I might be willing to bite this time. I didn't buy MW3 though.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2061d ago

Would of figured the COD haters to have filled this one up with the usual COD hate.

Wow.. no haters.. maybe this COD does have a chance.

3-4-52061d ago

I think it's becoming to obvious that they really are listening to the fans and making a serious effort to improve in any way possible.

CerebralAssassin2061d ago

Listening too much can deffinately be a bad thing. look at the first black ops. That game was fine until the 30th update crushed every gun in it. I hope they learn from their mistakes and don't let the community make to game. the community doesn't know what they want as a whole and you can't please everyone.

3-4-52059d ago

Yea they are only listening so much. Obviously they are with this game everyday for 2 years so they know more about it than anyone one of us ever could.

They just seem to be making a solid effort to actually give us as many fun/good game play experiences as possible, while also adding enough new stuff to keep everyone happy.

Having the Pick 10 helps balancing so much actually. It helps the players balance the game themselves. This way there is never the ONE thing that is too powerful because there will always be 4-5 options to counter that.

That adds a ton of strategy to a game that benefits Strategic play already.

CerebralAssassin2055d ago

I wasn't disagreeing with you. I think they are doing a great job making the game balanced. I felt black ops was a good game when first releases as well. It was all the updates to satisfy all the cry babies out there that screwed the game up. I just hope they don't do it again. I don't think they will.

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