NGamer: Super Smash Bros A-Z - Why Brawl will be the best in 2008

NGamer has compiled a reason for every letter of the alphabet why Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be one of the best games of 2008.

A is for... Assist Trophies

Brawl's mishmash of historic gaming figures stretches far beyond the playable roles. Not content with the already hugely impressive lineup, Nintendo have included various assist trophies that, when used, take the guise of different characters and lend a hand mid-bout. Figures like Mr Resetti (mwa-ha-ha) will be joined by retro heroes Little Mac, and Sin And Punishment's Saki Is-it-a-boy-or-is-it-a-girl1 Amamiya.

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OC Shock Value3669d ago

i dont know about "The Best In 08" but will leave a mark.. probably the best seller of 08.. but the best game of 08 will be somewhere between MGS4, and RFOM2..

ChickeyCantor3669d ago

if this game is going to be the best seller then there is a reason behind it.

NovaSnake3669d ago

Same here, Might not be "Game of the Year"(Guaranteed Nomination, though)But it'll definitely score around the Multiplayer areas since it has online capabilities. Although it'll have to tough it out with Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3

OC Shock Value3669d ago

not really.. COD4 and Halo were both 07.. Plus none of those 2 games are on the Wii..

In 08 SSBB will have to take on Resistance in the multiplayer arena

bigjclassic3669d ago

the new online crack. its got potential to even be bigger than what the franchise is already.

3669d ago
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