20 Amazing Video Game Trailers of 2012

From the feature article:

"Every year we are blessed with several amazing game trailers. Some are completely amazing while others can be a total disappointment. A well-made game trailer can convince gamers to go buy a game that they had not even thought about purchasing. In 2012, we will see many amazing games released including Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6 and many more. If you are excited for a game then it is almost like Christmas when that first game trailer is revealed. This list will countdown 20 amazing game trailers of 2012 that did not disappoint. Read on to see my picks and feel free to share yours!"

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LaurenKB1231931d ago

Wow, was fun going back and watching some of those... my favorite was Rainbow 6 Patriots (even though it's just guesswork)!

hennessey861931d ago

Has to be dead island shame about the game though

BiggCMan1931d ago

That was 2011 for one, and the game was still really good, just not the emotional story that everyone thought. That's not a bad thing, it just turned out to be a different, but good game regardless.

maximaz1931d ago

Yea Dead Island takes the cake.

rpd1231931d ago

I'm of the opinion that Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed have the most badass add campaigns ever.

m231930d ago

Mass Effect launch trailers for the last two have blown me away.

rpd1231930d ago

Same. They were better then a lot of movie trailers.