Black Ops 2 Care Package Edition Exclusive To GAME

The recently revealed Black Op 2 Care Package edition has today been confirmed as a exclusive to GAME. The once troubled company will now be the only ones to sell the Care Package edition. Preorders are currently live on the GAME site with the expected price point of £159.99.

Preorders of Black Ops 2 at GAME will be rewarded with further extras exclusive to GAME. The Call of Duty Perks Program consists of:

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snowman21491877d ago ShowReplies(1)
topgun331877d ago

that is not true. I preordered mine at gamestop

Linko641877d ago

Jesus, i thought the clear statement in the post of

''Bear in mind this only applies to Black Ops 2 Care Package edition within the UK.''

Would stop your kind of comment. I guess i trust peoples ability to read too much?

ShadowKingx1877d ago

THQ did the same thing with there WWE 13 collectors edition, forcing you to pay 50 bucks more to get next day shipping and that still after release day. Sorry GameStop is there for a reason and they will lose orders by not do this unless someone really wants it. But I’m not one of them.

TheSaint1877d ago

I went into a Game the other day, they are still overcharging for their games.

Saw the same game in CEX for half the price, Game are still a fucking joke.