What Franchises Should Come to PlayStation Vita?

IGN's PlayStation team sits down to talk about eight series that would work wonderfully on Sony's struggling handheld.

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bothebo1363d ago

I think a Jak and Daxter could do wonders for this system. It could win over a lot of the Sony fan base.

Amazingmrbrock1362d ago

And ratchet and clank. Even just some ps2 hd remakes would be a blast.

The could pretty much just unleash an endless stream of ps2 games for it and I'd be pretty happy.

tachy0n1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

dont forget sly cooper! :D

dorron1362d ago

A Vita only Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, God Of War, Dragon Quest, GTA, Final Fantasy...maybe I forgot some franchises, but the others I can think of are on their way to the Vita.

ABizzel11362d ago

Couldn't agree more. Those are the franchises they need now to get hardware sales up, and then they can focus on new experiences & sequels to PSP exclusives.

The sales of the Vita would have skyrocketed if they came out with Gran Turismo, GTA, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Call of Duty all in the same year.

We have Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty, so next year we need to see the rest at E3.

topekomsi1362d ago

If they hope to have any success with call of duty on the vita, they are gonna have to come alot harder than blops declassified. That is just a deplorable trailer they released and tbh i haven't heard anyone say "wow i cant wait to play that" after seeing the trailer. Treyarch should have made the game, then i believe it would have been a "hit" for the vita, and a definite system seller. But now it won't sell anymore than resistance did, probably b/c it's being developed by the same shitty dev, Nihilistic.

Protagonist1362d ago

I wish for the Okami Remastered version for PSVITA.

mistajeff1362d ago

I was gonna watch this, but the thought of listening to greg miller talk is just too much right now.

SirBradders1362d ago

Command and conquer would be the bollox on vita especially with all te touch screen capabilities for selecting units. A supreme commander type game would be great too.

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The story is too old to be commented.