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Outside_ofthe_Box2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Oh hell no.

SE must think we can't get enough of 13 apparently. They are not getting the message. Leave the 13 saga alone, release VS, and then release 15. This what the fans want and not 13-3, 13-4, 13-5, etc. We are tired of 13. Move on to something new.

Carl_Shocker2029d ago

Instead of giving the majority of FF fans what we want...a FF we can all enjoy, they still feel the need to focus on FF13 fans who are the minority.

Why not move on and make a game everyone can enjoy like FF15. It seems selfish at the end of the day, I'm pretty sure they could of done a DLC pack for FF13-2 to wrap up Lightnings story.

I mean in my opinion I don't even find her a good character, when you have main characters like Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Zidine for example she just dosen't live up to them, sorry to be blunt FF13 fans but she's just not likable, especialy to keep on making games based around her. I think she only appeared good in FF13 because she was surrounded by characters worse then her.

guitarded772029d ago

***Insert Expletive Filled Rant Here***

I really can't believe this is happening. I can now be completely certain that Square/Enix is not concerned with the gamers who built their business.

DasBunker2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Well someone down the line must be fawkin things up.. I mean if the games weren't selling SE would stop the BS. It probably makes them a quick buck with little effort.


The resources wasted on this shit could have gone to VS and perhaps by now people would actually be playing it instead of begging like animals for some footage.

blitz06232029d ago

Some of you don't understand. While I also despise their decisions of milking the FFXIII series, I believe it doesn't hinder their development of other projects.

Nomura is head of Versus and has nothing to do with the Lightning Saga. You want FFXV? Well, I'm sure you don't want Toriyama directing it. Thankfully, he's busy with this stupid Lightning Saga.

TheHater2029d ago

"Some of you don't understand. While I also despise their decisions of milking the FFXIII series, I believe it doesn't hinder their development of other projects."
Actually base on past knowledge, it does. They took the majority of the VS team to finish Final Fantasy XII and XIII-2. I can see them doing it again.

After this announcement, Square Enix is dead to me. I want to know who the fuck asked for this game.

xGrunty2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Ummm....who cares about those characters. All I have to say is TERRA. Am I the only one who played FFVI?!?!

guitarded772029d ago

@ blitz0623

Square reps have said that they had most/all resources dedicated to FFXIII when it was in full development. They said that was their main focus at that time and when it was done, they'd have more resources for Vs. I'm not going to dig through thousands of articles to cite my source, because I have games to play, but I remember that being the case back when. So yes, making another Lightning FF does take resources away from Vs, even if it is easier to make a Lightning game using already made character models and what not.

pompombrum2029d ago

Lol Square have lost the plot tbh.. in the UK you can get the game for £6.85. To put that into perspective, it's cheaper to buy that than 2 Mcdonalds meals.

Square should instead be focusing their resources on a possible next gen FF. Make it a great final fantasy game with iconic characters then they can probably get away with spurning a bunch of sequels for it and milking the universe slightly.

badz1492029d ago

can pretty much say that the rumor that VS is dead is getting truer by the days!

sharkraiden02029d ago

"I mean in my opinion I don't even find her a good character, when you have main characters like Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Zidine"

Squall? the biggest idiot boring EMO guy
Zidane: i already forget ziidane.. lol..
Tidus:? irritating idiot character..most lame
Cloud: Squall 2, gay another big EMO

Im happy square Enix is not the same old shit Square Soft.. SEnix make 1000X times better Final Fantasy games than old Square Soft...

DragonKnight2029d ago

@sharkraiden0: I really wish there was a debubble option for stupid. I really do.

OT: You can thank the FF13 apologizers for this one. The lack of standards built upon playing MUCH better FF games from the past generations caused them to believe that FF13 was a good game and 13-2 was a better one. They didn't like how 13-2 ended and, despite SE trying to milk purchases of their comic and DLC to explain the ending, the apologizers complained about a lack of closure for a terrible series of games. SE, being as blind as they are, thought that the small few who liked 13 and 13-2 represented the majority and that we are all loving it and wanting more. Enter this 3rd abomination. Well, I didn't buy 13-2, I'm not buying this, and if SE don't clean up their act and start making GOOD console games I won't be buying anything more from them.

2029d ago
R6ex2029d ago

I'm glad Lightning is back!

Hope to play Lightning in 2012! ;)

ABizzel12029d ago

Square: We're going to keep making 'em until you believe you love it.

THESONYPS32028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Release Final Fantasy 14 online: A realm reborn
Finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Finish Final Fantasy X HD remaster for PS3/Vita
Remake Final Fantasy VII for next gen consoles.
Make a new Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Heart for Vita
Make Kingdom Hearts 3
Make FF15

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Nimblest-Assassin2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Well.. I never played a FF game.. but this is the final 13 game

So.. I guess thats good... right?

What was wrong with the game? Just out of curiosity

Carl_Shocker2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

What wasn't wrong with the game...

Lets just say if didn't have FF slapped on the box it would of gotten the benefit of the doubt as being a new IP

It just wasn't a FF game at heart, it's like someone came along and sucked all the RPG goodness out of FF13 in production.

It had a terrible story which was so complicated you had to keep looking things up to know what the hell was going on, plotholes, unlikable characters which were either bland, boring, annoying, or all three, the battle system was too easy and played it's self most of the time, you had hardly no control in battle, the summons were like transformers: summons in disguise, linear gameplay, no upgrading weapons, no NPCs to talk to, hardly no side quests, no airship, no overworld map...I could go on, hell even the theme song sucked
Lost Odyssey was the true FF13 this gen...and that game proved turn based is NOT old fashioned. So please I would advise you to buy that instead

Outside_ofthe_Box2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

If I could be bothered I'd tell you in depth. My main gripes with the games was the extreme linearity and the battle system and it doesn't help that I find the story extremely uninteresting so making sequels to expand the story just pisses me off when they can be putting the resources into VS13 and 15 instead.


I just saw the update and I saw REAL TIME gameplay. It might be a big deal to those that want the traditional FF battle system, but it's a big deal to me. I might actually give the game a chance now instead of totally dismissing the game altogether like I did 13-2.

DOMination-2029d ago

FFX was just as linear as FF13 yet everyone raves about it (not me)

Wintersun6162029d ago


FFX had true RPG combat and character development, NPCs to talk to, minigames to play, interesting and likable characters and a good story. FFXIII had none of those things.

aGameDeveloper2029d ago


I loved Lost Odyssey! I watched work-mates playing the first few hours of Final Fantasy 13 (while I was working, so I did not have to suffer through the whole thing), which was enough for me to decide not to buy it, myself.

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ElasticLove2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

The casual market is eating it up. On PS3 alone FF 13 sold over 4 million copies worldwide (FF 13 part 2 sold 2mill). As long as the common consumer keep buying it, they don't care what we think.

shikamaroooo2029d ago

And the Japanese market alone, bought 1.8 million copies of FF13

wishingW3L2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Just do the math:

FFXIII sold 8 millions

FFXIII-2 sold 2 millions

I think this is prove enough that most people doesn't want any more FFXIII sequels.

Genmu2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

and u think thats alot for an ff game ?
its beyond pathetic

the fact that ff13 sold 4mil and the sequel even lesser shows how trash this game is.

and now they trying to make it a versus wannabe lol.

anw expect less sales than ff13-2...ppl simply dont give a fck about ff13 in the west.

the reason ff13 sold was becasue its was the first ff this gen and the lies of square but hey ppl played it and now look at ff13-2 sales....pathetic indeed

BitbyDeath2029d ago

Still 2 million too many considering FFXIII-2 was mostly scraps of FFXIII

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Irishguy952029d ago

Absolutely dreadful presentation, what a waste of time

TheHater2029d ago

Honestly, this picture pretty much describe my reaction and everything I feel right now

gintoki7772029d ago

Finally Lightning Returns I've been waiting for so long!!

Lets just change the name of the company to Square-Lightning or something...

ALLWRONG2029d ago ShowReplies(1)
adorie2029d ago

Lightning Saga? she's about as shallow as a cheap koi pond.

NastyLeftHook02029d ago

best news ever square enix! keep it up! im loving the 13 games!

MRMagoo1232029d ago

you forgot the /s ........right ..............???

PshycoNinja2029d ago

"Fans see Lightning as the face of Square Enix, she is an iconic character."
-Product Manager of Lighning Returns

Lol Square Enix are so delusional. That's what they said to people here in Seattle at the 25th Anniversary. Everyone grumbled and laughed when he said that. After that everyone started talking and mocking him. It was funny to see.

sharkraiden02029d ago

Do you think we believe in you?

you are just a hater thats all..

Nathaniel_Drake2029d ago

I think sharkraiden is right Lighting is the iconic character of Square Enix she is just as forgettable as the company nowadays

dasbeer882029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Tell Square-Enix to change Versus XIII's name to something else. The number XIII is tainted all thanks to them.

ALLWRONG2029d ago

Had my comment been pro playstation it wouldn't have been removed like these here take a screen shot and post this in the next big Nintendo and Xbox news that has lots of trolling.

DragonKnight2029d ago

Your comment was a blatant troll comment. At this very moment there is absolutely no evidence that Versus is coming to the 360. So let's see if you're smart enough to figure out what is wrong with this comment.

"I'm going to pick up Versus for the 360"

And while we're at it, let's see if you can identify what's wrong with this non-existent but potential rebuttal.

"I'm going to pick up Halo 4 for the PS3."

Think you can handle that?

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2029d ago

amen. Thitteen was decent but ..... really its not trilogy good. o yea alomost forgot where the [email protected]#$% versus?

the bastards2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

You know i remember the amount of hype and anticipation of the first game, and now people want little to do with it. I wonder if this may happen to FF-XIII VS as well.

It's looking pretty decent in graphics and all from what has been seen. but is really going to have a mind boggling plot, or a story that nobody hasn't heard before?

I mean if SE thinks that FF-XIII was the game that needed to be a trilogy and not VS, doesn't that sound like bad story telling? cause that's what playing out in real life.

matgrowcott2029d ago

People also wanted little to do with X when that first came out and now those same people are annoyed we still dom't know anything about the HD version.

I'm guessing XV will come out and the biggest FF fans will stop believing their own posts on the internet and start seeing that the XIII trilogy wasn't all bad (although they'll mourn the series because Of the abomination that was XV.)

And the cycle will continue.

MRMagoo1232029d ago


I actually wanted a sequal to 10 and i loved part one and two but ff13 was shit the second part was shit i dont want a third, i would rather they made a remake of 7,8 or 9 than waste time on another 13.

matgrowcott2029d ago


At the time of release, all I remember is people saying things like "that stupid f***ing laugh/whistle scene," "bad voice acting," "linear level design," "crap blitzball."

"All this game is good for is its graphics."

All of a sudden that "majority" went silent and people like you, who loved every second of it, started become more and more common (or at least more vocal) and things seem to have turned around. I fully expect the same thing to happen with XIII at some point. It was never a bad game and I still say XIII-2 fixed almost every issue I had with the original (the same can't be said for X-2).

Oh, everybody hated VIII after VII as well.

People have short memories, I think, and Square Enix knows that better than anybody.

DragonKnight2029d ago

@matgrowcott: I don't know who you were talking with, but I never saw any of that except from trolls. FFX is a very loved game and people wanted FFX-2 to be a prequel, not a sequel, but we wanted it. As for FFVIII, that debate has never calmed. The FFVII fanboys are just made that it isn't a direct sequel to FFVII and they can't comprehend the complexity of the game. The FFVIII fanboys don't see what makes FFVII the best FF game around. That goes on every single day.

No one is going to have the same feelings for FF13. The majority hate it. And with SE constantly forcing this garbage on us, they are just making people hate it all the more.

Noctis Aftermath2029d ago

I loved FFX on the ps2, didn't even bother with x-2 as i didnt give a shit about yuna being the MC or lame fanservice.

No final fantasy game gets 100% fan love, 6/7/8/9 all have huge amounts of fans, but also have some people who disliked them.
To assume everyone who is begging for FFX-HD info was a FFX hater is straight up stupid, majority are either fans or dont care, the haters are the minority.

matgrowcott2028d ago


"Except from trolls?" Any how exactly do you describe the people disagreeing with and insulting those who have admitted to enjoying Final Fantasy XIII in this comment section? And in the comment section of every article on XIII since about a month after release?

Your argument seems to be "the people who dislike the games I like are the minority and the people who agree with me on XIII are the majority." Which is nonsense. X was panned by "fans" just like XIII, after critics had given it top marks as well. If you didn't see it, you weren't looking. It was EVERYWHERE.

All we can say is this: Square Enix has exact sales figures, they have data on how many people have played each game (so they'll be able to guess at pre-owned purchasers), how long they've played and which achievements have been earned amongst millions of people - not just their friends on N4G. And yet they've made two sequels. Does that sound like the majority hated either game to you?

If it doesn't make sense that Square Enix are making another sequel despite nobody actually liking their last two games, it's because it DOESN'T make sense. And the only thing that can be wrong in that sentence is the assumption that the "majority" hated it.

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TheLyonKing2029d ago

You know they thought we would love 13 and it's probably been in the works since 13! Square are idiots.

AsimLeonheart2029d ago

PLEASE NO MORE SE!! For God's sake, have mercy on our poor souls. We only want FFVsXIII and a good main numbered game in the series. Is that too much to ask??? Well we also want an FF7 remake but no use asking for that since you are stubborn as a mule on that issue.

Ranma12029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

...i think i know why

...13 has always been seen as an unlucky number...

360ICE2029d ago

Totally agree, but you know it's kinda like crack. You might not like it in the end, but you still need it. Now that I've bought both XIII and XIII-2 I feel like I need to see it through to the end. So I'm gonna buy XIII-3 and then I'm going to shoot myself.

Da One2029d ago

You have no idea what the **** crack is like.

360ICE2028d ago

@da one
Just... Facepalm. Just unbelievable...

ILive2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Honestly, I think the 13 saga is really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Sure, 13 took sometime for the gameplay to get going. But once it opens up, it really is a fantastic game and so is 13-2. I just don't get most of the complaints sometime, for everything has to go through changes. I definitely can't wait for this new entry and Versus 13. Also, It sounds to me like everyone is just jumping on the complain band wagon and not accepting the game as a stand alone.

helghast1022029d ago

"This is what fans want"

You keep saying that, this is for fans of XIII, and there are obviously enough of them to warrant a third entry in the series.

Keep crying.

RurouniKaze2029d ago

This FF-XIII series is a cheesy way to promote the biggest joke of all time , Women's Rights

princejb1342029d ago

The way I see it F*ck square
I hope no one buys this game and they lose tons of money
That way they'll have no choice but to release games people would actually buy like ff7 remake or maybe perhaps versus 13

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stonecold32029d ago

just released ff vs 13 please no more of the other ff game spin off

MiyagiSPG2028d ago

The funny thing is ff vs 13 is a spin off lol and its the game we want most :P

WildStyles2029d ago

3 XIII games before Versus. Freaking insane.

no_more_heroes2029d ago

Actually, this one just started development at the beginning of August, but yeah. As much as I like XIII-2, I'm in the vast minority. It's only hurting them long term by persisting with the XIII series.

The first impression is everything in this business. If it's not done right the first time, toss it into a black hole and forget about it; move on to something else. You won't change people's opinion about it. At the very least, the time and effort not just on development, but on marketing required to do so would be better spent on a new game (remember, Too Human was supposed to be a trilogy, but we all know how that first game turned out, don't we?).

Square Enix isn't being smart here. Instead of making all these changes to FF itself and tarnishing it like hardcore FF fans say its been, they could've just implemented those ideas into "throwaway" RPG/action games, getting feedback on what worked and what didn't. Then take that feedback and apply the best of it to FF so that it retains its status while still evolving so as to avoid going stale.

Well, that's what I'd do to protect the status of my company's biggest, most important franchise...

Anyway, SE, take your time with this and focus on getting Versus out first. This can wait (hey, I'm still waiting on KH3 to even START proper development so I know a thing or two about patience).

Jazz41082029d ago

I hate to say it but I enjoyed To Human more than final fantasy 13 & 13-2.

CrimsonDream2029d ago

It's as though square is trying their absolute best to make up for the deficiencies of FF XIII, by forcing it upon us, wasting their money, time and breath, for something a majority of us have moved on from.

KingOptimusOrigin1112029d ago

What the hell type of name is that? Just pitiful Square just pitiful.

cfountain2029d ago skipping this one. or at least wait for a significant price drop.