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Video of the CryEngine 2-Modification Mechwarrior: Living Legends

From PCGames.de
"Seit langer Zeit warten Mechwarrior-Fans auf ein neues Spiel aus dem Science-Fiction-Universum. Zumindest die Modder-Szene hat die Anhänger der riesigen Kampfmaschinen aber nicht vergessen. Mit Mechwarrior: Living Legends befindet sich derzeit eine wirklich vielversprechende Mod mit CryEngine 2-Grafik in der Entwicklung."

Mechwarrior fans have been waiting long for a new game from the science-fiction Universe. The modding scene didn't forget the fans of the giant battle machines. With Mechwarrior: Living Legends they have a promising mod with CryEngine 2-graphics in development.
Watch the video: (MechWarrior, MechWarrior: Living Legends, PC)

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Ghoul  +   2736d ago
please dont advertise mods that are far from pre-pre-alpha status,
sofar this is only some modding to the standard crysis models but not the gamecode
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2736d ago
I think it is unanimous...you can shut up.
nickfr  +   2736d ago
It is pre-alpha
if you you would have looked at the video, the first words are "this is pre-alpha status', so your comment doesn't make sense ("far from pre-pre-alpha").
And since Crytek will demo the Cry-engine on X360, PS3 it is has some news value.
Twilightx7  +   2736d ago
Congratulations on defeating your own argument. As the story description states, this is a MOD of Crysis, not a total conversion. And the last time I checked, a mod of a game does not equal modifying the code of a game. Therefore, this IS the pre-alpha status of a MOD.
NRG  +   2736d ago
Looks incredibly cool. Very well done trailer too.
novaIS350  +   2736d ago
That is pretty good, video games have come a long way. We cannot deny video games its art title... it is every medium in one.
mariusmal  +   2736d ago
battletech is such a rich universe. i've fallen in love 7 years ago and never stopped liking it. its great that they are doing this mod. i miss the old days playing mechwarrior3 and mw4 mercenaries
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Lord Anubis  +   2736d ago
ah I remember MechWarrior from from the PlayStation X era.
DJ  +   2736d ago
The first half is boring.
But the flight sequences are awesome. Great looking explosions too.
ravenguard88  +   2736d ago
I miss Mechwarrior 2 and 3
And this is bringing me back. I just tried installing Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries the other day, but it won't run on my new PC and none of the existing "fixes" will apply to it.

Mechwarrior went downhill after 3 in a big way. This looks like it can be the series' saving grace. I hope the plug isn't pulled for copyrights.

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