CVG Previews: Leisure Suit Larry

CVG writes:

"You may have bought Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude for the Xbox. You may have played it at length. You may even have got excited at the sight of your avatar indulging in 'Confessions of a Videogame Character'-style rumpy pumpy with a bimbo with a face like a goldfish. You may even have enjoyed it. You may have told your Mum that you were washing your own sheets because 'laundry is quite interesting, actually'."

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TheHater3848d ago

I never once played a Leisure Suit Larry game. And it don't seems that I will play this one also.

MK_Red3848d ago

You should definitly try one of the older Larry games. Not only they are fun to play, they also are hilarious and don't try to be exploitive with nudity like last game was.

Gazman3848d ago

I did not like Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude just kind of wished they stuff to the classic point and click style.