‘God of War: Ascension’ Game Length Revealed

In March 2013, Sony Computer Entertainment along with Sony Santa Monica will release one of the PlayStation 3’s most anticipated upcoming titles with “God of War: Ascension”. While the wait ahead may be lengthy, new information concerning the game’s single-player was shared on Friday evening during the “God of War: Ascension” PAX Prime Panel.


Update: Todd Papy clarifies comments made during the panel:

"Ahhh, I remember the 14 hr quote right now. I just meant playing the game in general (SP/MP). Not that the single player is 14 hrs long."

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KingOptimusOrigin1112027d ago

14 hours WOW!!! I hope that's true.

Abash2027d ago

The online is going to even add more replayability to it

BattleAxe2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

@ KingOptimus

Looks like a couple of 360 fans hope its not true. Oh well, at least they'll get their five hours worth of Halo once again this holiday season.

@ Disagrees,

My bad you guys, I meant 4 hours.

Awesome_Gamer2026d ago

Wow, that's really good for a hack&slash game, can't wait.

Kingdom Come2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

@ BattleAxe, whilst I agree that the Agree/Disagree system on this site can get monotonous at times, I believe then when people comment in the way you have just exampled, the commentator can be just as immature and biased.

Why introduce Xbox fans or the Halo franchise when neither are of any relevance to the discussion. Look at the comments you criticised disagreers on:

"The online is going to add more replay ability to it", people could rightfully disagree with this comment, perhaps not particularly enjoying the multiplayer they have as of yet seen, also even if they are "Halo Fanboys" as you see them, wouldn't they have the right to disagree due to their favoured franchise having an already popular and critically acclaimed multiplayer component?

PLASTICA-MAN2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )


SP+MP together are 14 hours long!

Mainsqueeze2026d ago

14 hours with the combination of both sp and mp is a little disappointing to me, dang.

MaxXAttaxX2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

It'll be just as long as the other GOW games. Length hasn't stopped other games from being great.

This "the more open and longer the better" attitude needs to stop.

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HeavenlySnipes2027d ago

They didnt specify difficulty or whether this includes complete exploration or just a run through. Still, 14 hours +/- a few hours is a great number for this gen let alone a GOW game. Can't wait for the beta

guitarded772027d ago

It's probably true, but someone will speed run through the game and write some story about how the game's too short and how they beat it in x number of hours. It's pretty much inevitable.

DigitalAnalog2026d ago

Didn't they say the game length was as long as GOW1? That's about twice the length.

specialguest2026d ago

14 hours of gameplay usually means an additional 5 hours for me when I play it, making it a realistic 19 hours. I usually end up dying and replaying different areas, stages, and boss fights many times.

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mafiahajeri2027d ago

Sounds great the demo I played was really good can't wait.

Sevir2027d ago

Sounds like we get a game with great value, a lengthy campaign and a pretty great multiplayer component. Plus all the challenge modes and such. So much for people saying we'll have a shorter game because of "Tacked on Multiplayer mode"

torchic2027d ago

and most probably the best graphics on console ;) (until The Last of Us drops, of course)

Omar912027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Awesome! I would like to see more single player though. Kratos ripping someones spine off like if it was no big deal : D

francknara62027d ago

I've watched the panel and haven't heard that...

DaPrintz2026d ago

Yeah Pappy said during the panel that if they've done their jobs right, the player would play for 14 hours straight. He doesn't really ever come out and say its 14 hours long. I hope so though.

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