Turok - MEGATONik Review

From author Kevin Cortez:
"I was a huge fan of the Turok series for the N64 when I was younger. Dinosaurs and guns always made a great mix in video games. When I first heard that Propaganda Games was doing a Turok game for the Xbox 360 (PS3 and PC, also), I became very excited…until I remembered the failure that was Turok: Evolution. I started tracking the game and getting hyped up for it thanks to multiple screenshots and videos. As the release for the game came closer and closer, I became very mixed with my views on the game. Would it suck, or would it be just as awesome as the N64 games were?

Read on to find out…"

Conclusion from the review:
"Turok isn't a complete disappointment, but it isn't exactly what I pictured. If you're expecting another epic shooter along the lines of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Halo 3, ignore this game. This title is a little above mediocre, but it has many flaws that keep it from being a totally above average game. Bearing almost no story at all and very dumb A.I., fans of the Turok series may find this game a little bit of an upper from the failure that was Evolution, but overall Turok is a forgettable title that gamers can enjoy for about three hours before getting fully annoyed."

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bohemian 233789d ago

It's too bad cause I really enjoyed the N64 titles and I was hoping that they would revive the series. Guess not!

Genki3789d ago

nor am I trying to make this review seem credible, but who really expected this to return the series to it's former glory.

Sorry, but let's be real for a second here: that sort of thing doesn't happen.

99% of the time, a new time won't be able to capture what the original team did. They don't have the same goals, same ideas, and they don't know what the series was all about.

There are exceptions to every rule, but when you hand one persons baby over to another, don't expect it to be raised the way you would raise it.

chanto233788d ago

everybody is hating on this game telling everybody RENT IT, you'll be surprised how good the campaign is, best FPS campaign i've played this gen IMO...Online is rubbish, and coop is garbage too..