The 5 Best Events in the Gaming Industry

With PAX under way some of the years best industry events are set to wrap up for 2012. With the last big event for the gaming industry coming in at the fifth spot on the list. We take a look at what exactly makes these events so breath taking. The gaming industry has all sorts of events however the ones that are listed are made for the entire gaming industry. In which every major developer is in attendance as well as some of gamings AAA titles. Just don’t expect events like Blizzcon, Quakecon, or even COD XP to be on the list. As stated earlier these events are for every game not just a company creating a con for their title. Lets start off the list with a notable mention.

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I have been to all 6 events and E3 and SDCC top my list!

TheSuperior 2058d ago

E3 is of course the best out of any event out there! I also really enjoyed call of duty XP, there has just never been another event like it. I am praying it will return someday. Street fighter fight club was pretty sweet too :) I just love gaming events!

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2058d ago

I love tuning into E3 every year, the event tends to make the biggest announcements in the the game industry.

TheGrimBunny2058d ago

I think this list is spot on!

SheaHoff2055d ago

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the chance to go to any of these yet, but Dragon Con had some interesting gaming stuff this year. Its video game track seems to be getting stronger.