This gruesome weapon was too much for Resistance

PSU writes: "During his keynote address at PAX Prime 2012 earlier today, Insomniac Games president Ted Price took the time to answer numerous questions from the audience. In doing so, he revealed an interesting (and bloody gruesome) piece of Resistance history that never saw the light of day."

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Cajun Chicken2095d ago

That wouldn't be out of place in a game like Painkiller.

MySwordIsHeavenly2094d ago

I don't think it would be too gruesome. I just think it's an incomplete concept. It's not practical, as-is. If you could tweak it a bit, this could be a practical/useful weapon.

Maybe fire a round that, upon impact, stretches out, tearing a massive hole in the which point, blood gushes out.

1234567772094d ago

Why waste time bleeding out an enemy when you can just blow his head off?.

zebramocha2094d ago

It's less satisfying if you don't torture them some,why do you think the cerebral bore is the best weapon ever put into a game.

SonyStyled2094d ago

did anyone else notice the related article of insomniac games hinting there going back to resistance?