6 Game Franchises That Need to Go Away (as of 2012)

A countdown of gaming franchises that need to take a break.

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LOL_WUT2026d ago

I know right? They put Sonic in the list but not Mario... What a dumb list.

knowyourstuff2026d ago

There should be a list of troll gaming sites that should take a break from fishing for hits with ridiculous articles designed for flame bait. This website among others should be at the top of that list. Always hating on what is popular for hits. F that.

Blacktric2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

"Hideo Kojima has confirmed that Snake (pictured) is set to return in Metal Gear Solid 5 (the mustache still unconfirmed), but don’t let that “5″ fool you, this series has seen a total of 23 (twenty three) releases up to this point, 17 (seventeen) of which came out in the past 10 years. Yes, that is why you might not be particularly craving a new one."

Probably the single biggest piece of crap of an excuse I have ever read. There are only 8 "canon" Metal Gear games out there to this date. 8 games in 25 years (which gives each game about a little more than three year development cycle). The rest are spin offs and non-canon games like Ghost Babel or Acid or re-releases like Subsistance. Also, way to add those re-releases to your count to bloat the total release count so that you can throw mud at the series.

Also @below

"Overall, your reasoning is sound, particularly with MGS. I felt it ended quite nicely with 4. "

LOL! Way to go buddy...

Boysangur2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Well, if you read the article, he mentions that Mario's case is different because his games don't usually suck. Not sure about Halo.

AlienLion2026d ago


I know what you mean. Though, I feel that Mario is unique in that he fits in pretty much every type of game, and Nintendo makes good use of the fact with different quality entries like Galaxy and Bros and Party. He is less of a franchise and more of a mascot that they stick in their internal titles, in my humble opinion.

When it comes to Halo, I was very tempted to include it, and I would have before Halo 4 was promised to take things in a drastic new direction (whether or not it ends up being the case is another story) so I feel like judgement should be reserved until it comes out. I will be as pissed if it feels too similar.

Thanks all for reading and approving and submitting.

victoryscreeeeeech2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I think Mario shouldn't be there because there is rarely ever a Mario game that sucks, I haven't played one that was even good, they were all amazing. Same thing with metal gear, that shouldn't be on the list cuz those games don't suck. They're amazing games

edgeofsins2025d ago

I disagree with Mario. When they release a new Mario at least they find more innovative gameplay mechanics and don't just add new levels and weapons.

AO1JMM2025d ago

No CoD? No Battlefield?

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jc485732026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

there's also a big difference between taking a break and going away. I am also surprised that Konami has released this many Silent Hill games so far.

Boysangur2026d ago

"there's also a big difference between taking a break and going away."

Not really. You can go away for any length of time. Silent Hill did release a crap ton of games that have been sucking lately.

nerdkiller2026d ago

i think theres some games that dont need a break but need to have the franchise sold one is metroid prime sell that to sony nintendo is to soft now look what they did to it with the other m.

1234567772026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

The author listed Need For Speed but didn't show a picture of a car?!.

maximaz2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Actually, that's a screenshot from a nfs cinematic. A bit altered though. All of them are.

FF one has pedo bear as an enemy.

dragon_rocks2026d ago

One type of article which needs to go away: This one.

What is the problem if any franchise is being continued because there is demand from gamers? Companies don't just release games irrespective of whether they are being sold or not. If you don't like the franchise then don't buy or pay attention to the game. The gamers who like it will keep buying it and playing it and companies will keep making it as long as they are being sold. Gamers happy to play more games in the franchise and companies happy as the franchise continue to make money for them.

AlienLion2026d ago

All good points.

I detailed a problem for each of the entries. Some franchises continue to produce great games but they could still benefit from going away for awhile for different reasons.

It would be nice to see something a bit fresh from FF, for example, which would require some time off for re-assessment. In the case of MGS, it would simply be great because it would enable Kojima to concentrate on other things, especially since there is no NEED for another MGS. Anyway, it's all there.

I do appreciate your feedback. Just for taking the time, you deserve a cookie.

GenericNameHere2026d ago

No NEED for another MGS? No one NEEDS another Mario, but they are still being made. If you decide to keep Mario out of the list, then there is absolutely no reason why MGS is on the list. What was your reason for including MGS? A total of 23 games, 17 of which came out the past decade? Mario has over twice the total amount of Mario games, and over twice the number of games released the past decade compared with MGS. Maybe all those Mario games were perfect? Nope. Some of them were totally trash. I remember not a whole lot of people liked Super Mario Sunshine, and I also remember a whole lot of people not liking MGS2 because of Raiden. Kojima confined to the MGS universe? Kind of true. He may not have worked on as many games as Shigeru Miyamoto, but he still created a few unique games like MGS, ZOE, Policenauts, Snatcher, and Boktai, much like how Shiggy created Pikmin, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and other games.

I'm not trying to call you stupid for adding in MGS but not Mario for my own selfish needs, just didn't agree with your reason. Again, sorry if it seemed like a rant! I actually like both games, not just one or the other.

dragon_rocks2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )


The going away for a while trick would have worked few years ago when the options for gaming were limited. But in the current generation with so many options for gaming (consoles, handhelds, mobiles, tablets etc.) and several new and exciting games coming out every year there is a big risk that your core group of gamers may switch to some other game and lose interest in your franchise. Also remember that the gaming crowd is growing up and with growth the tastes change as well.

That is why I feel that the decision has to be based on whether gamers are willing to take more of it or not. If a game sales keep declining then that would give a cue to the companies that they need to do something else. I am not into the FF games or the COD games but I know that there is large group of gamers who like the games and if they are getting more of what they want then be it. I understand that this prevents companies from innovating or making new stuff but then in any business they always cater to the majority and in today's world where everything is being driven by investors expectations you don't have the option to fail. With layoffs hitting the game industry left and right no one will be willing to take risk.

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