Soldier of Fortune: Payback - BC Mag Review - 'should be avoided at all costs.'

BC Mag writes: "It's been a little while since a Soldier of Fortune game has graced our presence. Now that it has been released, I'm wishing that we had to wait a little longer. Soldier of Fortune: Payback was obviously a rushed release.

With an extra six to eight months of work, it would have been a pretty good shooter. I want to like it due the its almost arcade style fun of blowing enemies into several pieces, but there isn't enough fun in the gore factor to warrant the purchase. Even online play gets boring after a few games (if you can find anyone to play with - i found only three players in the span of a month). If Payback was a budget game like it is on PC, then maybe I'd be a little more lenient, but for a full priced product, games like this do not cut the mustard, and should be avoided at all costs."

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GIJeff3794d ago

if youre looking for a cheap thrill with crazy mutilation, look no further. Shooting off legs is fun. Stabbing off arms is fun too. Its a cheesy game that if you go into it not expecting a killzone2 killer, you can have a lot of fun. I wish there was less screen tearing though, that got pretty annoying.

JsonHenry3793d ago

Personally, I think the Multiplayer is a BLAST. Literally. And the graphics are pretty spiffy too. At least on the PC version it is. I guess I can't really speak for the 360 version.

Single player is boring. But with this game it always has been. (for me anyway)

GIJeff3793d ago

the fan boy posts are in the "open zone". BTW, if you thought about it for 2 seconds, perhaps you would realize that by killzone2 killer i meant astounding never seen before graphics and sounds, blended with realistic AI and physics. you see, SOF:P doesn't have those things, but what it does has is really really fun(cheesy yes, but fun) online and silly mutilation mayhem. this game in my opinion is worth at least a rent.

picker3323793d ago

Jason 360 We'll see!
Don't know what the game(KillZone2)look's like now so...

ON TOPIC:I think this game(Soldier of Fortune: Payback)should be avoided at all costs!!!!
Just forget this game,it's a discrase to the nextgen consoles!!!

I rather play xlll if someone know what that game is.

Flying_Squirrel3793d ago

Yes, XIII was good fun and I quite liked the Jason Bourne feel to the start of the game (memory loss etc). Sadly though most people seemed to overlook the game.

I wouldn't object to a sequel coming out though.