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-Mika-2092d ago

Ya Im confused about this too. Hopefully Overstrike didn't get cancelled and replaced with this. I would be pretty disappointed.

BringingTheThunder2092d ago

probably not cancelled, just renamed

Dark112092d ago

Overstrike has been reworked and renamed which will from here on out be referred to as Fuse.

-Mika-2092d ago

Hopefully this is a PS3 exclusive.

BringingTheThunder2092d ago

it might not. overstrike was set for multiplatform so who knows

HammadTheBeast2092d ago

Come on, let the kids play too.

Lol jks.

Cajun Chicken2092d ago

That HAS be be Overstrike.

Convas2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

For clarification people ...

Overstrike = Fuse

The IP has been renamed and presumably reworked. It is still set for multiplatform release.

Sevir2092d ago

No wonder why Overstrike wasn't present at E3 of GamesCon this year. Still I'm excited. Overstrike/Fuse 's engine looks great! I cant wait to see the full unveiling of it! Congrats Insomniac. I'm proud of you guys in burbank! Launching a New IP this late in the Gen is difficult I hope PS3 Fans take it easy on you and support you no matter what your endeavors, You are still giving us Great games from Spyro all the way up to now with your first Multiplatform release!

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The story is too old to be commented.