GRID 2 Interview: Total Race Immersion Returns

GRID 2 has taken a long time to surface, but it’s finally here and looking good. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with developer Codemasters to learn more about career mode, multiplayer and the studio’s approach to racing purity.

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CaptCalvin2092d ago

total race immersion wont happen unless there's a cockpit view.

HK62092d ago

You beat me to the punch. Bubble for you good sir.

Hasanhastam2092d ago

Yeah u got point.Im still enjoy shift 2 and always use cockpit view Which is amazingly fun specially in night races

IRetrouk2092d ago

Yeah shift 2 has probably the best in car view of any racing game this gen

The_KELRaTH2092d ago

Hmmmm "GRID was a huge game"

Is he kidding, Grid was fun but far from huge and hampered by the limited types of cars you could use per track.

The Interviewer needs to go back to Grid roots and play Toca Race Driver 2 and 3 - now they were huge; RD 3 had 35 types of races, 120 championships, 70 licensed racing cars (and lots of other vehicles like lawnmowers, buggies etc), 80+ circuits, 12 players online and far more options like fuel limiting, pit stops etc etc.

When playing online the host should be able to choose any race type on any track.

And for PC and PS3 players (silly me purchased both formats) there needs to be some info as to the minimum life of online servers as I'm not going to get caught out by that trick again.