First Teaser Trailer of Dead Island Riptide

Deep Silver released the first Teaser Trailer of Dead Island Riptide that coming next Year.

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Grap2089d ago

that is the most useless Teaser i have ever seen

Lvl_up_gamer2089d ago

True, but at least it gives us confirmation that the game does exist and will release this gen.

I loved the first Dead Island, Looking forward to Riptide.

Cyfyxtfg2088d ago

lol its just a teaser. just a lil taste

MidnytRain2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

That wasn't a taste, it was logo jumping around. Text on a webpage showing, "Dead Island Riptide Announced" would have been just as good, albeit less disappointing.

tigertron2089d ago

Guys, save yourself the bother of watching it. Its nothing more than the logo.

irish4life092089d ago

That "teaser" is about as useless as the original game was...

Treian2089d ago

hopefully the game is actually interesting this time...

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