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New Tomb Raider Underworld Screens

Nine new Tomb Raider Underworld screenshots released. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Xbox 360)

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tony  +   2771d ago
looks good.
i think they should put new set of clothes on her. make it fresh.
MADGameR  +   2771d ago
Meh....I lost my interest in Tomb Raider
Eversince Uncharted came out, it put the Tomb Raider series to rest. RIP Tomb Raider series.
SuicidalTendencies  +   2771d ago
I would like to see some different locations. Besides that these screens look really good. Can't wait to play it.
meepmoopmeep  +   2771d ago
she's looking better
the environment looks good so far
Baba1906  +   2771d ago
cant wait for this game. i love the challenge every TombRaider offers me. =D
OC Shock Value  +   2771d ago
They should really stop spittin out these tomb raider games.. i played my share and they just need 2 stop.. almost as much as smackdown vs raw, and need 4 speed need 2 stop
SUP3R  +   2771d ago
Love LaLa...
Every Tomb Raider they've made I've enjoyed with II being my favorite.
This one looks like it'll be no different.
I'm a third person action/adventure fan as well as a huge Tomb Raider fan, so I'm really excited about this game.
DJ  +   2771d ago
Uncharted ruined everything for them.
Too bad..
resistance100  +   2770d ago
Agreed, it will take alot to get my interest back in Tomb Raider
picker332  +   2770d ago
Every tomb raider is the same(except the graphic)
But the environment are always the same.
Genesis5  +   2770d ago
Tomb Raider will always be my favorite. I don't know why. I just love TR games
hardcorehippiez  +   2770d ago
shaping up nicely :D
but has a long way to go to beat uncharted. hoping this game delivers tho
Figboy  +   2770d ago
i love Uncharted to death
but Tomb Raider and Uncharted are *COMPLETELY different series.

you know how, say, Splinter Cell and Metal Gear are in the same "stealth action" genre, but they are *COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES? yeah, Uncharted and Tomb Raider are the same way.

Uncharted focuses on intense gunfights and platforming.

Tomb Raider focusing on puzzles and exploration.

they just happen to be in the "pulp action" genre. doesn't mean they're the same exact game.

just because you love Tomb Raider doesn't mean you have to hate on Uncharted, and just because you love Uncharted, doesn't mean you have to hate on Tomb Raider.

personally, Tomb Raider Legend completely reinvigorated my interest in the franchise, and Tomb Raider Anniversary is just a reminder that the original Tomb Raider was like a fine wine; getting better with age (of course, trying to *PLAY the original Tomb Raider is a pain, but the pacing and level design is *STILL phenomenal. Anniversary just tweaked it even more to perfection).

the more entries into the "pulp action" genre the better, as it's very under-utilized. if i didn't think the actual Indiana Jones game (not the disgustingly adorable Lego Indiana Jones game) is ultimately going to suck, i'd be excited about *THAT one too.

i'm really looking forward to TR: Underworld, as i've finished Uncharted (i'm playing it through on Crushing now, and i only have two more Medals to unlock), and i'm itching for my next adventure title in the same genre.

there's room in the industry for *BOTH Uncharted and Tomb Raider, and they both do what they do extremely well.
novaIS350  +   2770d ago
You are correct, there are major differences in both titles. But you have to admit, Uncharted just blows the doors off pretty much every game in graphics...err sound...animation etc. etc. Tomb Raider just doesn't have that spit shine that Uncharted does. Lara Croft does have some nice chesticles.
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Snarko  +   2770d ago
tomb raider > uncharted
Uncharted has better graphics, sound, story, controlls, combat and gunfights. But almost no puzzles and adventuring ffs! If Underworld can improve gunfights from legend/anniversary, this could be awesome.
boc  +   2770d ago
I've played the Uncharted demo, and I've also got the complete Tombraider anniversary game for the *pc. The pc version of TR Anniversary completely destroys Uncharted as far as I'm concerned. The other issue I have with Uncharted is that I think the developers tried to make the game a little too lifelike. Which translates into not being that much fun to play in my opinion. Your character runs out of bullets constantly, and the enemies in the game *never seem too run out of ammo. In addition, if your character takes more then 3 hits he's constantly dying. Just a little too frustrating for my taste, later, boc......
TruthBTold  +   2770d ago
Never played Tomb Raider before
for some reason. I saw it on one of my friends PS1 but just didnt get my attention, I was dumb not to give it a try since now I think I would have loved the series. Uncharted got my attention into thse types of adventure games. I am now very excited about this game because I just feel I will really enjoy it. Hopefully we will get the series through PS store if not then I will just buy the hard copies . Thank god i got the 60gb so BC on the majority of games. I am anxious to finish my last 3 clases at school to have more free time. Anyone know when it comes out?
Figboy  +   2770d ago
i highly recommend
Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary.

personally, Tomb Raider 2 was my favorite of the series, but it's too hard to play nowadays (besides the hideous visuals, Lara controls like a tank, and it's just not very precise).

both TR Legend and TR Anniversary are *GREAT Tomb Raider games. if you enjoy action/adventure titles with nice puzzles (think Prince of Persia, minus the focus on extreme acrobatics), you'll probably enjoy the series. the stories are also solid enough to keep you moving, but the true joy in a Tomb Raider game is globe-hopping to different locales and discovering secrets.
Figboy  +   2770d ago
it's a shame
that people are basing their opinions of Uncharted off of a *DEMO.

the Uncharted demo is really good, actually, but the complete game? there is just nothing else like it on the market.

it's true that the Tomb Raider series has the puzzle/exploring element on lock down, but that doesn't make Uncharted any less of a great game.

the story, the acting, the gunfights, the platforming, and of course, the graphics, are *INCREDIBLE.

what i don't understand is how certain Tomb Raider fans crap on Uncharted because of a lack of *PUZZLES.

it's called "DESIGN FOCUS." and come on, we're talking about *NAUGHTY DOG here! if they wanted mind-bending puzzles in Uncharted, they could have incorporated them easily.

the truth of the matter is that they had a design document, and brain-teasing puzzles slowed down the pace of the game. Uncharted is focused on delivering a true *MOVIE-LIKE experience (those that have actually played the *FULL GAME, not just the demo, know what i'm talking about), and they deliver. movies don't stop the pace of the movie for 10 minutes so the main character can roam around a jungle looking for the right switch to pull. it's A to B, to C. some people like this set-up, and the pace of Uncharted is a lot more frantic than TR.

Tomb Raider on the other hand, is focused on creating a *WORLD for you to explore, and therefore rewards you for lingering in an area a bit too long, unlocking secrets (not that Uncharted doesn't have it's fair share of secrets, they're just interwoven in the faster-paced gameplay).

my point is they are, *THANKFULLY, doing two totally different things. i mean, if Uncharted was *EXACTLY LIKE Tomb Raider, or Tomb Raider was *EXACTLY LIKE Uncharted, well, what would be the *POINT of having both series, then?

they cater to two different types of gamer, or the type of gamer that enjoys *BOTH approaches. neither one is right or wrong, and neither one is better than the other. i love both series, as sometimes i'm in the mood to run and gun (Uncharted), and sometimes i'm in the mood to take things slow and use my noggin more (Tomb Raider).

i highly urge those folks that only played the Uncharted demo to rent or borrow the full version of the game. it truly is a masterpiece, and you haven't seen *ANYTHING yet. the demo is a cool taste, but the game is truly a work to behold. that demo encompasses about 5% of the finished product. there is sooooo much more there that you haven't seen. give it a better chance. seriously.

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