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"Dead Island: Riptide carries on from the story of the first game. Remember that helicopter that was taking you to salvation? Well, something happened and now your on another island with yet more stupid zombies – a point that the presenter of this Riptide showcase was keen to emphasise. The zombies, he said, would remain completely dumb and predictably easy to dispatch, with their only advantage being found in their numbers; so your typical zombie menace will remain the same as the first game."

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an0nym0us2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

So wait, its the same thing as dead island? Same characters, same location, same missed opportunity?

Oh yeah, don't buy this. Rent it if its good atleast. Techland the Devs, are some A$$hole people.

Parappa2090d ago

I'm gonna buy it. u mad?

Starfox8112090d ago

It's a different location, but same characters...