First wave of Xbox Live games coming to Windows 8 announced

"Surprisingly, the list is pretty good. Here’s the full information from the press release, which confirms that all games will have achievements too."

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nrvalleytime2274d ago

Sorry about no picture everyone - N4G is glitching a little this morning.

Dits2274d ago

So are we going to have to buy these games again even if we already own on xbox?

Irishguy952274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Why would owning an Xbox affect you purchasing games on PC? Or are you wondering if the games are free if you've already bought them on Xbox? Hmmm, I would have loved to get Skyrim for free on Xbox when I bought it on PC

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I expect xbox 720 to bring in a complete cross platform generation.

I want the real stuff not 90% mini games. I am not sure if xbox live on windows is supposed to be for xbox owners away from xbox, pc gamers, or both.

Fishy Fingers2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Theyre simple "mini games" because they have to be compatible with any W8 device. Can you see a tablet, or budget laptop playing full blown xbox360 games?

Basically, the games will be designed to work on W8's basic hardware requirements.

Ninjamonkey822274d ago

They can take it and get stuffed im sticking to win7.

Qrphe2273d ago

Same, there is no incentive at all for me to get Win8.

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The story is too old to be commented.