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Submitted by PoisonedMonkey 1184d ago | rumor

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes to Feature Full Co-op?

Looking at what we know from the recent Ground Zeroes news, and taking an assumption from other recent Metal Gear games, TGR are wondering if some co-op is on the cards... (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hard to tell
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BigDan80  +   1184d ago
This would be AWESOME. Hope it happens.
Freak of Nature  +   1184d ago
If so only as an added "OPTION" a seperate mode.

Really looking forward to this upcoming gem...
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Parappa  +   1184d ago
I hope not unless I can play it alone and not have to babysit the AI. If this ends up being a co-op game then I'll just wait until MGS5.
cpayne93  +   1184d ago
It would probably be drop in drop out co op like Peace Walker, which would be awesome.
Kris2k0  +   1184d ago
I guess that's what the guys on the site were thinking as that's what inspired the suggestion by the looks of it.
telekineticmantis  +   1184d ago

That is not how you play Metal Gear, Co-op does not fit with the experience. This better be a seperate mode.
TheDivine  +   1184d ago
Stole the words right out of my mouth (literally lol). Mgs is a story driven sp game. Peace Walker was trying to do the whole MH thing for the handheld and while it worked its not right for the main series on consoles. I played it alone because thats how i like my MGS (challenging and taking my sweet ass time). Now for a seperate mode sure, not for the campaign.

They could maybe do something creative like side missions similar to Demons Souls where if you head to a certain area you would run into other people are could tackle the mission together but even that is better suited for a broken down mission based handheld title. Its hard to incorperate different characters (or 4 Big Bosses) in the storyline.
Summons75  +   1184d ago
Please NO. Coop games are annoying because you either get half the experience if you want to play alone or you get an AI which is stupid and can't do anything. It's a stealth game so I expect to play alone so I can concentrate on sneaking and not worry about someone else.

Big reason why I didn't like the coop in Splinter Cell conviction, because even if I played witha friend they would always run off and get caught when I was trying to sneak through.
-GametimeUK-  +   1184d ago
Coop was fine in Peace Walker. It has been shown that MGS is capible of it. I can see peoples concerns though. Resident Evil 5 is the best example I can think of. It is a good coop game no doubt, but if you want to play the story solo then your experience is worsened significantly. If you are going to add coop it needs to be either a seperate mode or doesn't have any negative results on the Single player.

The best way to acheive this is design the Story around single player and the attach the coop features as opposed to building the whole game around coop and then leaving the solo player feeling like he is missing out on something. (if that makes sense)
Mkai28  +   1184d ago
Evenso, Splintercell: Conviction has two different features. There is a full single player story mode, and then it has a co-op mode. Whereas MGS:GZ is talking about full co-op through the entire story mode.
Summons75  +   1184d ago
I know but I was just saying being Stealthy in Conviction in coop was near impossible because someone else would ruin it for you. It would be no different here, separate mode or not.
PoisonedMonkey  +   1184d ago
I think this would definitely work best as an option, as mentioned in a previous comment. But if done right co-op can be brilliant, just look at Ghost Recon. This isn't a confirmed feature though don't forget, just a stab in the dark :)
Greysturm  +   1184d ago
I am guessing the last three commenters didnt play Peace Walker. Coop was A) optional, B) Great fun against bosses which allowed for another aproach to stealth (Keep them blind to all else that moves) and the use of coop weapons like the crank railgun or the shield/gun combo C) Rewarding as it opened a few more stealth options like "snaking" and faster cliff & wall climbing.

As for summons, just get a friend that wants to play the game stealthily. If you cant find one just look for them here on n4g or any of the may forums i bet there are plenty of people that would apreciate playing the game stealthily.
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sammykiernan  +   1184d ago
I quite like the idea personally, it'd be good for one to make a noise and keep guards busy while the other snuck in and completed an objective.
Roper316  +   1184d ago
ugh! another game that adds co-op that will totally kill what the gameplay of the series is all about.

While I love co-op I just don't feel MG is a series that needs it. Hopefully it will be optional and not forced on you like RE5 and what DS3 seems to be doing.
Moby-Royale  +   1184d ago
I'm glad that at *least SOME people have played Peacewalker and know that the co-op didn't affect the game in the slightest.

That being said.... there is no way on God's green Earth that I would consider playing this game co-op until I have beaten it solo.

I really don't think Kojima is a fool. He isn't going to make Metal Gears of War.

Let it be known that if I am incorrect and this is a bastardized Mgs that 'twas Moby that coined the phrase "Metal Gears of War" before the inevitable haters start up.

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raiden-49  +   1184d ago
If it does get co-op i want it to be fun like in GTA 4 where you're friend are massing around in the open world but I would like the single player to be left alone.

EDIT: but I like how GTA leaves the single player intact.
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