Dual Layer Wii disc ripper rumored to be out and working

QJ.NET has just learned that a Japanese coder by the name of Nekokabu appears to have released a Dual Layer Wii disc ripper. As the name of the application would indicate, this program appears to allow users to backup dual-layered Wii discs.

More on this development after the jump.

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Imallvol73731d ago

This will come in handy for burning Super Smash Brothers Brawl!!!

shadowxcore3731d ago

hopefully this will not bring the downfall of the Wii. :/

because this was the exact reason SegaDreamcast failed. bootleg games
man, do i miss that console

LanRanger3731d ago

Games that were easy to copy was only one of many reasons the Dreamcast failed. The DS games continue to sell well despite easy to pirate games.

BrotherNick3730d ago

Large casual support will make sure that enough people aren't smart enough to burn games.