Bit-Tech's Brett Thomas Strikes Back Against Calls for the "Death of PC Gaming"

Taking and analyzing the recent media bias towards PC gaming and calls for its death, Bit-tech's Brett Thomas explains the misconceptions about the PC gaming market and a problem with the industry as a whole...

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Charlie26883729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Excellently written piece by a person that actually knows what they are talking about and clears the misconceptions and generalizations people tend to make about PC gaming and its "death"

Ironic that the "PC gaming is not dead" articles are written million times better than those 3 paragraph articles about why "PC gaming is dead" with an award winning example of the "PC gaming is dead because Uncharted looks better than Half Life 2" article among other articles that seem to use the most random examples to justify their console purchase

now I am gonna camp behinds this crate waiting for the usual "I-want-to-justify-my-con sole-purchase-and-tell-you-wha t -to-do-with-your-money" people that always seem to lurk in this PC game related articles :)

jaja14343729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I think the people just secretly are pissed off they can't play Crysis. :) Though it's odd having the most advance game available to play, and yet still I play Supreme Commander the most.

Seijuurou3729d ago

Supreme Commander is a different beast entirely. Instead of utilizing your Video Card it utilizes the hell out of your processor.

Charlie26883729d ago

If I actually remember correctly Supreme Commander is known for eating the RAM like a joke if I am not mistaken just having the game open ate around 1GB (give or take) and ate even more with high settings under demanding situations (battles of more than 500 units from both sites)

Charmers3729d ago

I have to say that is a much better article to read and made a lot more sense. The problem as always is positive stuff never makes news, but negative stuff just can't stop being posted.

led10903729d ago

yea sure pc gaming is dead.....crysis sold a million copies cod4 sold more than a million wow combined with the expansion sold arnd 8 million copies......cnc3 sold 2 million copies.....the witcher sold a million copies....enough of the bs already pc gaming isnt going anywhr and its deffie not going to die

mersenne3729d ago

i agree with led1090 not bit-tech