3.90 M33 Easy Installer

Lewishamilton and Stiffmeister have created an application that should simplify the process of upgrading your PSP. It's the 3.90 M33 easy installer, an application that should allow you to upgrade your PSP to firmware type 3.90 M33 with one click.

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ISay3850d ago

i don't remember this being hard

whoelse3850d ago

You got to be a noob if you cant install this normally. Especially if you're using Network Update from 3.80 M33

TheMART3850d ago

First: totally useless anyone can update themselves

Especially those on 3.80 m33 already, they just need to push the update button in the XMB on the PSP...

deadlockedgamer3849d ago

I need help switching my psp slim from official firmware 3.90 to the custom firmware 3.90. Would this program help and if so is their something I have to do first? Sorry I am a noob at this.