Hitman: Absolution Behind The Scenes: Contracts Mode

Go behind-the-scenes as the team from IO Interactive tell the story of how CONTRACTS mode was created and join them backstage at Gamescom 2012 for the global reveal.

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Kurylo3d1968d ago

I still have no idea what that contracts mode is. Whats so different from me walking into a single player game and telling myself i want to kill the cook.

ArchangelMike1968d ago

Contract mode - I kill the cook... with a knife... in 60 secs flat.. without being seen, and without a disguise.

I upload my game.

You play the same level, with the same parameters, but try and do it in less than 60 secs... and also hide the body.

You do it, you own.

Kurylo3d1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

doesnt sound appealing to me. I was hoping for a multiplayer experience where multiple assassins are going after the same mark either coop or competitive... or each other... with each person in the gaming having a single mark.. no one knows whose out to get em.

I think the guys making this one are just not very creative and are looking toward hollywood films to make the game a bit more linear. And dont get me started on them including "batman vision" seeing through walls and shit... lol.. lame.

ArchangelMike1968d ago

OMG, what a fantiastic idea... a bit like the Assassins Creed multiplayer (I never did play it though)

ArchangelMike1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I cant wait :))

GTRrocker6661961d ago

I think it sounds cool because i get to create my own hits and fashion the game around what i want to do.