Build a PC Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you're just looking for something that can surf the Web or you want a quad-core, water-cooled NASA-certified supercomputer, buying a new PC can be pretty daunting - and expensive. But let's face it - you want to play some games, but like pretty much every other average gamer you don't have cash falling out of your pockets. That's where Game Informer comes in. Game Informer decided to price out two computers, one in a reasonable price range with respectable specs and another that's one step up in each category. The price difference versus performance difference may surprise you.

Game Informer researched each of the parts that they chose all over the net to make sure they were good quality and reliable. Of course, there are a lot more options out there than they have listed. Because of that, they only picked out one or two parts for each category, one for their base PC and the other for the upgraded PC. Game Informer is about to throw a lot of PC specs at you, so get your Google out for questions. When it comes time for you to do this yourself, make sure to always keep the golden rule of buying in mind: research, research, research.

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Evil_K_6663764d ago

This was a good article for people that want to play games on a comp but dont want to shell out $2,000+ to do so. My desktop recently crashed and decided that it is time for an upgrade, and so instead of buying a whole new rig I will just put together some good internals and save a ton of $$$$.

SaiyanFury3764d ago

It's very possible to build a reasonably current PC for about 600-750 depending on the hardware you want. I figured out that I can build a Core 2 Duo based system with 2GB of PC6400 RAM, a decent low/midrange video card, and decent hardware also for about 750. Of course I didn't follow this route and spent about 1500 bucks total upgrading my system to it's current iteration and I love every minute of it! And the best part? I decide what goes in both hardware and software. That means no Windows Vista! :D

jaja14343764d ago

Umm, if you just built a 1500$ PC then Vista will not be a problem for, well anything. Now granted, as far as gaming goes, the only thing you will lose is DX10, well there is a hack for that too, anyways my point is there is nothing wrong with Vista.

GIJeff3764d ago

except its slow....and useless....

jaja14343764d ago

Accord to the two links, the first being the most reputable, it shows that Vista is only slightly slower than XP in some cases, and in other slightly fast. So is it some fantastic new OS thats going to boost your system speed. No, not really, but it wont slow it down either...

Percy3763d ago

Your toms hardware link says that it is slower and they had to tweak and train the os just to get it to that point. The difference was hardly marginal as you imply. Vista is not worth it yet but hopefully it can be refined into the product many myself included were hoping it could be.

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Fototherapist3764d ago

but I think you can get some of those components cheaper on Amazon, like the geForce 8800GTS.