NFL Tour - 411 Review

"This is just another game in the long line of games that EA tried to re-invent. SSX on Tour, Def Jam: Icon, and now NFL Tour. This game tries to bring the fun and fast gameplay of NFL Street to the next generation, but instead manages to drop it down to worse than last gen. Don't buy it, don't rent it, don't think about it. If you want a good arcade NFL experience, this game just isn't for you."

• Graphics: 6.5 - They get the job done, but they definitely aren't worthy of the 360's power.

• Gameplay: 5.0 - Take everything that was good about NFL Street and break it.

• Sound: 3.0 - Worst. Announcer. Ever. He single handedly brings down the whole game if left on.

• Lasting Appeal: 5.0 - It's a weekend rental at best, and that's only if there's nothing else in the store.

• Fun Factor: 5.0 - You'll have fun for the first couple of games, but after that you'll be wanting to find the nearest copy of Street.

• Overall: 4.5 - Poor

Review by Jordan Williams

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quantae063671d ago

Lol. I guess this game came out bad.