Daily Reaction: We Talk Metal Gear Solid, Movies and David Hayting

Today, Konami and Hideo Kojima not only announced the long awaited next iteration of the Metal Gear franchise but also the much rumored movie. Shown behind closed doors in a 20 minute presentation unveiling Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The next installment puts Big Boss into an open world setting, a first time for the series. Also announced was a movie based off the franchise, set to be produced by Avi Arad and in association with Sony’s Columbia Pictures – who have had a hand in numerous comic book related films.

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jc485732124d ago

David Hayter needs to do the voice for Snake in MGSGZ.

doctorstrange2124d ago

Nolan North should do it, he doesn't get anywhere near enough work...

doctorstrange2124d ago

Yeah, I probably should have said so.

Oh well, it was nice knowing those bubbles...

Snookies122124d ago

If they do a "live-action" movie for Metal Gear, it'll be off-putting honestly... Sure they might be able to find someone who looks similar to Snake/Big Boss, but without Hayter's voice it wouldn't be the same at all. Though they could go CG with it, and just have him voice Snake/Big Boss. I think I'd be more cool with that approach. Though that's just me. :]

doctorstrange2124d ago

Live action, with the actor lip syncing to David Hayter...

Foolsjoker2124d ago

No, have David Hayter lip synching Nolan North doing a solid Snake voice. Jobs for everyone! That's how u fix this

Snookies122124d ago

That could work... Though they'd have to really perfect it, as if it were only a slight bit off on parts it would look like one of those old school Jackie Chan movies lol!

mafiahajeri2124d ago

Christian bale would be a good snake.

Snookies122124d ago

I could kind of see that, more so than any other actor I can think of.

ftwrthtx2124d ago

Bale would be a good fit, but the guy from the new show Hell on Wheels might be better.

Allsystemgamer2124d ago

I LOVE that show. And he would be perfect for the role. He looks like he cpuld pull it off actually.

No FanS Land2124d ago

Hugh Jackman maybe, I think he has that pissed off and hardened face that would capture snake's vibe.

hkgamer2124d ago

Hugh jackman as Solid Snake. christian Bale as liquid snake. Christoper Nolan as Director. Michael Caine as anyone.
There. get the whole crew from The Prestige/any Nolan Movies.

/half sarcasm, half actually not a bad idea, would actually be pretty cool.

BitbyDeath2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Don't make me vomit.
Bale already butchered Batman, let him die in peace.

doctorstrange2124d ago

They totally should bring back George Clooney as Batman...

mafiahajeri2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Umm no mcg or whatever his name is the commercial director ruined it not bale anyway the movie was ruined from the beginning the cast was rubbish and bale had no one to work with they were all below his level. Ruined batman? Wtf are you on about? Just because you don't like the actor doesn't mean he ruined those movies, you sound like a huge hater.

@nofansland yeah Hugh Hackman would be good too but Christian has a more hardened and pissed off face :P

@doctorstrange lol yeah the worst batman. Michael Keaton was the best batman for me though with bale being second.

BitbyDeath2124d ago

I liked the Dark Knight but that was all on Heath.

knifefight2124d ago

Solid Snake - Hugh Jackman
Liquid Snake - Christian Bale
Col. Campbell - Michael Caine
Otacon - Cylian Myrphy
Meryl - Marion Cotillard
Ocelot - Bill Nighy
Psycho Mantis - That guy from 3rd Rock, Joseph something
Music by Hans Zimmer
Directed by Christopher Nolan

hkgamer2124d ago

lol... I just made a joke about having the crew from the prestige/nolan movies a few seconds ago.

"Hugh jackman as Solid Snake. christian Bale as liquid snake. Christoper Nolan as Director. Michael Caine as anyone.
There. get the whole crew from The Prestige/any Nolan Movies. "

Would be quite funny, but could actually be pulled off with the fanbase that Nolan has. Nolan loves to have alot of talking and everything explained in detail. Kinda like kojima.

AmkOwns2124d ago

Bruce Willis as old snake

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