Killzone Trilogy listed for Playstation 3 with release date and price

An online retailer has revealed a listing, which includes a release date and price tag, for the Playstation 3 exclusive compilation, Killzone Trilogy.

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-Mika-2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Great. I can't wait for this. Hopefully they release the original Killzone as a PS2 classic. Some people might not want to buy the entire package.

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Eyeco2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

i gave you a thumbs up for that funny troll comment, no 360 fan can ever accuse another company of milking/ rehashing with such confidence.

On the topic, it would be nice if the original had the graphics of number 2.
Killzone 1 actually had some great level design,imo the problem the game had was the hardware limitations of the ps2 held it back from what could have a been a solid shooter. (numerous framerate issues, bugs,pop in texture, lack of enemies on screen etc;) It was a pretty decent game overall, not as bad as media outlets made it out to be.

hulk_bash19872120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Well at least we know why they pulled the PSN release of Killzone a couple of months back. Im pretty sure they'll release each game as an individual download too though, as I already have both killzone 2 and 3.

GribbleGrunger2121d ago

I wonder what they're going to do about the online? are the servers still running for the original Killzone?

Neoprime2120d ago

No they shut em down, but you have bots, remmber PS2 Classics games don't have online play.

Lazarus12092120d ago

But remember, online multiplayer is enabled for another Sony Collection - The Ratchet and Clank Collection has online multiplayer for Up Your Arsenal.

If this is a similar collection (like inFAMOUS, God of War and the aforementioned Ratchet and Clank) then it is totally feasible that online would be available, though admittedly unlikely since Killzone 3 is still online.

jerethdagryphon2120d ago


if up your arsnal didnt have mp it wouldnt sell that was its sellign point

Reverent2120d ago

First of all, your spelling/grammar is atrocious. Second; You're wrong. A classic game doesn't need multiplayer access to warrant a sale. Fans of an older game can easily justify purchasing said game without having to include multiplayer features... And third; why are you replying to Chapulin when you're talking to Lazarus? It would make much more sense to have written your comment under Neoprime's so it would actually appear that you were trying to debate with Lazarus. This makes your comment appear extremely off topic.

gijsbrecht2121d ago

Finally KZ1 in an HD version. I do hope it will be sold seperately as well, though.

GribbleGrunger2121d ago

I thought this was the PS3 trilogy?

BlueTemplar2120d ago

theres only been two released on ps3 so far - so presumably the third game in this trilogy will be a hd remake of KZ1

guitarded772120d ago

I don't think it's an HD remake, but a PS2 Classic. Essentially a downloadable version of the PS2 version which will play on the PS3.

hkgamer2120d ago

It's probably going to be a very lazy HD remake. with trophies etc... well that is better than having just a PS2 classic I guess.

Sevir2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I highly doubt it'll be lazy, in 2011 of the fall someone discovered a filling for Killzone HD on the ESRB website. What's more Sony's HD remakes are ground up remasters of the franchise, instead of hi-resolution blow ups and screen stretching like Capcom's endeavors with Resident evil and DMC collections. This is why Sony's PS2 remasters have Stereoscopic 3D as well and given how atmospheric the first Killzone was I would play it in HD/3D in a heart beat with all the added refinements of a 60fps engine update and the smoothness of HD to go along with it, something all the PS2 remakes from Sony have enjoyed.

MySwordIsHeavenly2120d ago

I'm sorry, but DMC HD actually looked pretty darn good. I don't understand why everyone thought it looked bad.

abzdine2120d ago

i already own KZ2 and KZ3.
KZ3 was a disappointment to me because the multiplayer isnt as brilliant as KZ2's. I'm hoping for a KZ remake ot HD remaster at least.

r212120d ago

Cant talk about the MP parts but SP wise, pacing and VA goes to KZ3 while KZ2's campaign was way harder.

abzdine2120d ago

KZ2's SP was more exciting than KZ3's. I'm struggling to finish the SP of KZ3 in Veteran it's way too boring to play. Move implementation is the best thing about this game.

I was really hoping for a Move patch for KZ2, my favorite FPS and online experience ever.

Outside_ofthe_Box2120d ago

KZ2's MP was definitely better than KZ3's. What a disappointment KZ3 was.

abzdine2120d ago

I don't understand those who disagree at least say why. I never understood why Guerrilla Warfare has some special maps and they are only for bodycount.'

But the worst about the kz3 MP is that I can't choose to join the game I want cause it's so frustrating to join a game with only 2players.

Also the spawn system is extremely stupid.KZ3 should have been kz2 it's a shame.

vickers5002120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


Spawn grenades ruined KZ2 multiplayer for me. It made the whole "early dying" aspect of shooters even worse than Call of Duty. The fact that you could place them anywhere made spawn camping very prevalent and took out any opportunity for skill. Out of the issues of KZ3 that I hear people complain about, I'm very surprised to hear someone complain about the spawning in KZ3, when KZ2 had, in my opinion, the worst spawn problem in any game I've ever played.

And I never had an issue with those other 2 things you mentioned. Every time I tried to join a game, there were plenty of people playing.

Also the controls in Killzone 3 were far better.

That's just my two cents on it.

KwietStorm2120d ago

You can't say Killzone 3 is lackluster compared to KZ2 anywhere outside of the actual Killzone community forums or you'll just get disagree bombed. Oh, nevermind.

Outside_ofthe_Box2120d ago

Yeah, the REAL KILLZONE fans know what deal is.

TooTall192120d ago

KZ2 is my favorite mp game ever and the sp is fun also. Both KZ2 and KZ3 had serious potential, but each had their own flaws. The Move made KZ3 much more enjoyable. Can't wait to play an optimized version of the original.

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