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Killzone Trilogy listed for Playstation 3 with release date and price

An online retailer has revealed a listing, which includes a release date and price tag, for the Playstation 3 exclusive compilation, Killzone Trilogy. (Killzone, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone Trilogy, PS3)

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-Mika-  +   721d ago
Great. I can't wait for this. Hopefully they release the original Killzone as a PS2 classic. Some people might not want to buy the entire package.
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StraightPath   720d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Eyeco  +   720d ago
i gave you a thumbs up for that funny troll comment, no 360 fan can ever accuse another company of milking/ rehashing with such confidence.

On the topic, it would be nice if the original had the graphics of number 2.
Killzone 1 actually had some great level design,imo the problem the game had was the hardware limitations of the ps2 held it back from what could have a been a solid shooter. (numerous framerate issues, bugs,pop in texture, lack of enemies on screen etc;) It was a pretty decent game overall, not as bad as media outlets made it out to be.
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hulk_bash1987  +   720d ago
Well at least we know why they pulled the PSN release of Killzone a couple of months back. Im pretty sure they'll release each game as an individual download too though, as I already have both killzone 2 and 3.
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GribbleGrunger  +   721d ago
I wonder what they're going to do about the online? are the servers still running for the original Killzone?
Neoprime  +   721d ago
No they shut em down, but you have bots, remmber PS2 Classics games don't have online play.
Lazarus1209  +   721d ago
But remember, online multiplayer is enabled for another Sony Collection - The Ratchet and Clank Collection has online multiplayer for Up Your Arsenal.

If this is a similar collection (like inFAMOUS, God of War and the aforementioned Ratchet and Clank) then it is totally feasible that online would be available, though admittedly unlikely since Killzone 3 is still online.
Chapulin  +   721d ago
Collectors Edition?
jerethdagryphon  +   720d ago

if up your arsnal didnt have mp it wouldnt sell that was its sellign point
Reverent  +   720d ago
First of all, your spelling/grammar is atrocious. Second; You're wrong. A classic game doesn't need multiplayer access to warrant a sale. Fans of an older game can easily justify purchasing said game without having to include multiplayer features... And third; why are you replying to Chapulin when you're talking to Lazarus? It would make much more sense to have written your comment under Neoprime's so it would actually appear that you were trying to debate with Lazarus. This makes your comment appear extremely off topic.
gijsbrecht  +   721d ago
Finally KZ1 in an HD version. I do hope it will be sold seperately as well, though.
GribbleGrunger  +   721d ago
I thought this was the PS3 trilogy?
BlueTemplar  +   721d ago
theres only been two released on ps3 so far - so presumably the third game in this trilogy will be a hd remake of KZ1
guitarded77  +   721d ago
I don't think it's an HD remake, but a PS2 Classic. Essentially a downloadable version of the PS2 version which will play on the PS3.
hkgamer  +   720d ago
It's probably going to be a very lazy HD remake. with trophies etc... well that is better than having just a PS2 classic I guess.
Sevir  +   720d ago
I highly doubt it'll be lazy, in 2011 of the fall someone discovered a filling for Killzone HD on the ESRB website. What's more Sony's HD remakes are ground up remasters of the franchise, instead of hi-resolution blow ups and screen stretching like Capcom's endeavors with Resident evil and DMC collections. This is why Sony's PS2 remasters have Stereoscopic 3D as well and given how atmospheric the first Killzone was I would play it in HD/3D in a heart beat with all the added refinements of a 60fps engine update and the smoothness of HD to go along with it, something all the PS2 remakes from Sony have enjoyed.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   720d ago
I'm sorry, but DMC HD actually looked pretty darn good. I don't understand why everyone thought it looked bad.
abzdine  +   721d ago
i already own KZ2 and KZ3.
KZ3 was a disappointment to me because the multiplayer isnt as brilliant as KZ2's. I'm hoping for a KZ remake ot HD remaster at least.
r21  +   721d ago
Cant talk about the MP parts but SP wise, pacing and VA goes to KZ3 while KZ2's campaign was way harder.
abzdine  +   721d ago
KZ2's SP was more exciting than KZ3's. I'm struggling to finish the SP of KZ3 in Veteran it's way too boring to play. Move implementation is the best thing about this game.

I was really hoping for a Move patch for KZ2, my favorite FPS and online experience ever.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   721d ago
KZ2's MP was definitely better than KZ3's. What a disappointment KZ3 was.
abzdine  +   721d ago
I don't understand those who disagree at least say why. I never understood why Guerrilla Warfare has some special maps and they are only for bodycount.'

But the worst about the kz3 MP is that I can't choose to join the game I want cause it's so frustrating to join a game with only 2players.

Also the spawn system is extremely stupid.KZ3 should have been kz2 it's a shame.
vickers500  +   721d ago

Spawn grenades ruined KZ2 multiplayer for me. It made the whole "early dying" aspect of shooters even worse than Call of Duty. The fact that you could place them anywhere made spawn camping very prevalent and took out any opportunity for skill. Out of the issues of KZ3 that I hear people complain about, I'm very surprised to hear someone complain about the spawning in KZ3, when KZ2 had, in my opinion, the worst spawn problem in any game I've ever played.

And I never had an issue with those other 2 things you mentioned. Every time I tried to join a game, there were plenty of people playing.

Also the controls in Killzone 3 were far better.

That's just my two cents on it.
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KwietStorm  +   720d ago
You can't say Killzone 3 is lackluster compared to KZ2 anywhere outside of the actual Killzone community forums or you'll just get disagree bombed. Oh, nevermind.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   720d ago
Yeah, the REAL KILLZONE fans know what deal is.
TooTall19  +   720d ago
KZ2 is my favorite mp game ever and the sp is fun also. Both KZ2 and KZ3 had serious potential, but each had their own flaws. The Move made KZ3 much more enjoyable. Can't wait to play an optimized version of the original.
byeGollum  +   721d ago
yes, I want me some killzone. I want another go at General Radec, I couldn't beat him on elite difficulty. Plus, I get to play the first Killzone, I didn't get to finish that. If any game could use an HD version, it's Killzone 1, improve the framerates and Visual etc..
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Neoprime  +   721d ago
I hope the put the other stuff they wanted to put into the game but couldn't because sony wanted compete with Halo.

The content missing are you being to control vehicles, missing weapons that showed up later in Killzone Liberation(M3 Revolver) and Killzone 2.
ZeroChaos  +   721d ago
Seems amazon fr has taken down the page.
GKR  +   721d ago
Thanks man!
Adolph Fitler  +   721d ago
Just announce a damn Killzone 4 for PS3. The way it's going, it would seem the Sony 1st party developers that haven't been given the axe, have ALL moved onto PS4 development (which I would find more than exceptable if PS4 had already been announced with a release date for the 1st quarter of 2013, but seeing we know that won't be happening), it is very dissapointing to think that Sony's main inhouse guns look to be dropping PS3 game support, with GOW:Ascention being the last Sony developed title I can think of.....So aprt from that, LBP Kart & All Stars, the only other 2 games that I all but know will be great is ND's, The Last Of Us & Quantic Dreams new one (sorry, forgot the name).
I mean, we still have Injustice:GAU, B.O.'s2, Borderlands2, TTT2, DOA5, Dishonored, BF4, Bioshock3, as well as a slew of other non exclusives.....but, it seems that from April onwards next year, PS3 exclusives will not be relevant again.

To get back on topic, I would much prefer a Killzone sequel on my PS3 as a last hurrah to PS3 from the series, rather than another damn collection to feather out & fluff up the PS3 release schedule. I mean, these collections & HD spruce ups for great game series are better than the other forms of shovelware that plague Wii & pretty much every console past, but they really are just another form of shovelware.
shadow2797  +   721d ago
"it seems that from April onwards next year, PS3 exclusives will not be relevant again. "

Interesting, so you think The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are releasing before April?

And don't forget the games that were announced at GamesCom. They'll be late 2013 releases, most likely.

However, there are obviously developers working on PS4 games. If they weren't, people would criticize Sony for launching without any games. I think Sony is trying to give their devs plenty of time to create polished games that will show off their hardware. But there will still be plenty of PS3 exclusives next year, don't worry.

Rumor is, Guerrilla Games is working on a new IP. Perhaps that will be on PS3 and Killzone 4 will be a launch title on PS4.
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Slugg3r  +   721d ago
Still have my copy of KZ1 collectors edition :) Totally underrated game, even if it didn't claim everything rumored of it.
nevin1  +   721d ago
"The collection has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price tag of EUR 59.99, which is approximately $75.03 in U.S. dollars."

I doubt it will be that much. More like $39.99.
sopranosfanatic  +   721d ago
Just rebought K2 for £3
Eyeco  +   721d ago
where the heck from o0
sopranosfanatic  +   719d ago
zoverstocks on amazon
arturod  +   721d ago
the first KZ will be only a porting, no trophy support, no 3D vision, no HD resolution!

jony_dols  +   720d ago
Sony pulled the Killzone PS2 Classics version before it's PSN debut for no apparent. It now seems that it will be a proper HD re-release.
josephayal  +   721d ago
vita needs love
numonex360  +   721d ago
A great system selling trilogy to add to the collection of Sony HD classics. Killzone trilogy will make good competition for Halo 4.
Dualshockers_Carlos  +   721d ago
If the box is really nice like the god of war saga, i'll be willing to trade in my killzone 2 killzone 3 for this
Rhezin  +   721d ago
yeah sounds smart trade in two games to get two games you already own....
Hicken  +   720d ago
It would be three games, not two, genius; how many trilogies only have two parts?
FinaLXiii  +   721d ago
Ill just get the HD version for Killzone 1 in the ps store.

Still my favorite killzone.
jony_dols  +   720d ago
The PS2 hardware let this game down, not the game itself. Can't wait to play through with Luger with HD visuals & a steady FPS.
Monkeysmoke  +   721d ago
Killzone 3 is by far the best FPS this generation for me.
*The graphics are the of any FPS (3d),
*The controls still has weight but has less input lag(unlike Killzone 2),
*The story is more open (more about the helgast internal sytem revealed),
*Online is ok (just that no my many players online compared to MW3 and BF3)
Over all KZ3 is a solid 9.5 for me.

Killzone 2 is great though but its just dated about everything compared to Killzone 3.

This bundle will just be a must buy for me becos i didn't play Killzone 1.

I hope the bundle adds 3D and Move support to both KZ1 and KZ2. You can do this Guerilla!
Qrphe  +   721d ago
Exactly, I feel in the minority when I hear KZ2 fans bashing on KZ3.

Regardless, we're all KZ fans anyway, c'mon guise
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MizTv  +   721d ago
kz2 is my fav game ever!!!!! dont care for kz3 at all and never played kz1. i would like to play 1 just for the story even if it sucks
thebudgetgamer  +   721d ago
This is a really good review of Killzone.
thebudgetgamer  +   721d ago
The original Killzone had such a great single player campaign. The major problem with that game was the PS2 wasn't able to keep up.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   721d ago
This good for me as I have never played or owned any of the killzone games
Neoprime  +   721d ago
@abzdine #5.1.1

The reason why I gave a disagree because it's not GG fault with that game it Sony dumb rules(Move Gimmics, making most of their MP for shooters P2P, stripping content out like dummy down menu, 3D support and such etc...)making it more like Call of Duty since Kz2.

Both are equally good in thier own right but both could of been better, the reason why I like Kz3 more is because of the vehicular support(scripted yeah), the different enviornments, Non-Laggy controls, stupid emplacement guns put in dumb areas(were you can't full shoot at an enemy), your not for the most part force to choose only one weapon, the classes are more mission based.

They dummied down the menus also because casuals complained that they couldn't read the menu from Kz2, also if you don't what GG is doing also put blame on dumb fans that did not know how to read server list.

In the end it's subjective to both of us on Killzone, so me personally can't give one over the other they both have their strengths and weaknessess.
mayberry  +   720d ago
the Killzone series is BOSS!
tiffac008  +   720d ago
I never had a chance to play this series because I miss the 1st one on the PS2. So this sounds pretty good to me.
jayman1  +   720d ago
Awesome Killzone trilogy. I heard a rumor Insomniac might be doing Resistance 4!Price of Insomniac made a comment about a possible weapon excluded from resistance 3 saying with regret maybe we will use it someday?

Ya I think that sony might be talking to Insomniac about a Resistance 4. Resistance 3 has sold over a million copies from its slow start.Maybe there contract with sony was over with Resistance 3. These statements about Price saying we will not do anymore resistance games could be a move to get sony to come to them and renew there contract with insomniac.Also all developers haft to be mum on new systems and projects. Resistance 4 could be in the works for PS4 or in talks. I think Mr Price and Insomniac are making a mistake by stepping away from the resistance series. To put all there efforts into the ip overstike is a mistake. I know they have alot of other games they work on. I just dont think overstrike will be a huge success.Overstrike has gone over budget and has been delayed and Insomniac might be thinking about going back to resistance for some more support from a giant like sony.Sony has deep pockets and will pay them for a resistance 4. Insomniac might need this cash more than we know to stay afloat. The gaming market is becoming very cutthroat with publishers losing huge sums and not making anything in return of there games. A number of closures and the economy might be forcing insomniac to rethink about taking sony's money for something they already know how to do. Make a great resistance game.
LOL_WUT  +   720d ago
I knew it was going to include KZ1 can't wait to buy it separately though.
thawind  +   720d ago
I never played KZ1.....:( But I've played 1&2.
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Bossman112  +   720d ago
i dont like the idea of making a trilogy or Collection for Every single Series of the Playstation.. IMO they just make too many of them
TheRealSpy  +   720d ago

the most generic and boring shooter franchise exclusive is getting a "trilogy?" oh boy!

on any other site, this would never even get a nod. only on n4g...
gijsbrecht  +   720d ago
And yet you are using your precious time to read this nod and post a reply regarding said 'boring shooter' yourself. I hope for your sake the irony is not completely lost on you.
TheRealSpy  +   720d ago
what a childish response.

people are allowed to have opinions that don't agree with your own. you do realize this, right? not all comments have to be positive.

i, personally, can't stand killzone. get over it.
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