New 'Tomb Raider' will have a story more "adult"

According to developer Crystal Dynamics, the story of the new Tomb Raider will be "dark" and "mature" than the typical plot found in previous games in the franchise. There is a very clear reason for this: the atmosphere of the title should fit the new gameplay mechanics - considerably more detailed and "dynamic." New Tomb Raider history have more "adult"

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GribbleGrunger2026d ago

I would never have guessed that from the trailer. It's a pity the media didn't treat that trailer like adults though.

JokesOnYou2025d ago

Love everything I've seen about the new Tomb Raider so far. The atmosphere and gameplay mechanics look awesome.

Agent_00_Revan2025d ago

I think the whole 'potential rape' controversy established that very much, as stupid as it was

narrat0r2025d ago

And scripted.
And linear.
And casualized.

Parappa2025d ago

New Tomb Raider won't be Tomb Raider so I couldn't care less about the story.

mafiahajeri2025d ago

Why wont it be tomb raider? LOL you guys make me laugh. Anyway I tired the pre hunting demoand it was realy solid the graphics everything(although I think it was running on a pc) the contrls were really tight and the climbing was great too.

ChunkyLover532025d ago

Try and tell David Cage that!

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